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Bleach with a Vengeance is a medium difficulty continuous event given to the Hero by Tavin in Dead Island.


The Hero must provide Tavin with 5 boxes of bleach, and in return he will provide the Hero with an Incendiary Grenade, 300 XP, and Cash.


  • This is the hardest continuous quest to complete, purely due to the comparative rarity of bleach.
  • Talk to Tavin to start the quest.
  • He wants you to bring him five boxes of bleach which he can extract material out of to make grenades and land mines.
  • As you play through the game, loot everything as you'd normally do.
  • When you have a surplus of bleach that you know you'll never use, simply head to Tavin and keep trading to him for an incendiary grenade.


  • Despite Tavin mentioning that he can make either landmines or grenades, he will always give out an incendiary grenade every time.
  • This is the only source of Incendiary Grenades in the game.
  • Bleach is a pretty rare weapon mod items as far as mod items go, so unless you buy them at a hefty price, you won't be using a lot of incendiary grenades.
  • Bleach has very few set spawn locations and is harder to find than most items, as it seems to have a very low spawn rate.
  • Merchants can rarely sell bleach, but they do so at a hefty price of several hundred dollars per box, so be prepared to spend $1,000+ to buy 5 boxes just for one grenade.