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Bleach Fel

Bleach is a miscellaneous item featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It can be found throughout the Banoi Island and is used for customizing weapons, and also required for a continuous event in Act II. It's one of the rarer mod items, as it is rarely sold by merchants, has very few set spawn locations and rarely, if ever, appears as a loot drop from containers. It appears as a standard bleach box, rectangular with a tearable hole on one side near the top. It's a blue box with white explosion effect which shows the logo, designed to catch the eye of potential buyers.


  • Found randomly in lootable containers (closets, luggage, etc.).
  • Found randomly on corpses, Punks, Walkers, and Infected.
  • Sold by some merchants from time to time.

Associated quests[]



  • Before Patch 1.3, Bleach was called "Detergent" (Xbox)