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Bitter Return is an easy difficulty main quest in Dead Island that is given automatically to the Hero upon their return to Town Hall.


Upon returning to the Town Hall, the Hero finds it overrun by the undead and must escape. The side quest Big Daddy, Where Are You? also activates once you enter Town Hall.


  • After the cutscene from the last quest ended, you are deposited back in the Sewers. To get back to Town Hall, just travel back via the same route, following the map pins. As it was discussed in detail in the previous quest, I'll give the short version.
  • Head forwards to the open slope area and kill the Infected here, as well as any other zombies with them.
  • Head down the slope and under the pipes covering the way. Kill the Suicider and the Walkers with it before heading through the door.
  • Follow the walkway round the curve back to the toxic water and use a fire weapon to easily kill the toxic Walkers in one hit. There's also usually another Suicider here, so kill it as well.
  • Head through the gap in the wall at the end of the room, kill the Walker on the floor before heading through the door and using the metal door behind it to get to Town Hall.
  • As soon as you spawn in the Town Hall basement, you'll notice it's not the same. The door has been broken down, blood is everywhere and two Walkers are feasting on a body on the floor.
  • There's a workbench in the room with you, use it to repair/upgrade whatever you need before dealing with the Town Hall.
  • Everything in Town Hall is hostile now. No-one will help you anymore. Town Hall belongs to the dead.
  • Head up the stairs and kill anything you find. There's usually Infected in the top stairwells, so be ready for them.
  • Head through to the balcony above the courtyard to see the primary reason that Town Hall fell: a Ram.
  • There's a grenade up here that you can use to deal some quick damage to it, and possibly catch the Suicider down there as well.
  • Kill the Walker pretending to be dead on the floor and run all the way to the other side of the balcony, where there is a locked door you need to bash down.
  • Two Infected also lurk in the stairwell. Make sure you're not caught out by them as you scramble away from the Suicider. If you're lucky, the Suicider will catch them as it blows up.
  • You are now free to explore the rest of the Town Hall. If you head through the door on your left, you can access the outside balcony and mow down some of the zombies outside with the mounted machine gun. You can also complete Big Daddy, Where Are You? if you head to the Mayor's office and kill Todd.
  • Before you leave, head into the courtyard to deal with the Ram. He might drop a good weapon, so it's worth it. There's also a weapon mod down there. Make sure you kill the Walkers and Suicider with it first, otherwise they'll just get in your way.
  • Head to the other Sewer entrance, the one you first entered through, and kill the Thug in the basement. There's another workbench here for you to repair your weapons at before entering the Sewers again.
  • The map marker will direct you to an exit, but if you know your way around, you can exit at the same place as where you entered with Joseph.
  • Depending on your route, you might find different enemies, but watch out for Floaters and Infected, as they appear in high numbers in the Sewers.
  • Keep travelling, either following the map markers or using your own route, until you make it out of the Sewers.
  • If you followed the map markers, you'll exit the Sewers at an exit right next to the Church. Run the 100 meters or so back to the Church and head to the alter.
  • When you reach the altar, the quest will automatically complete.


  • You can head back into the Supermarket before heading back, since you are placed just in front of the door into it. There are 14 Coolers you can look in, all possible carriers of Brand Champagne, which you can trade to Svetlana for 1000 XP and one Diamond each. Diamonds are needed to craft the special Developer's Crafts, but are also worth $1500 each. Once you reach the survivors in the Supermarket turn back and go back to the sewers; repeat as often as you like for unlimited Brand Champagne.
  • You can place the Orange Skull down on its altar if you head up the ladder against the wall where the toxic water is. Climb the ladder and enter the door to your right. There's a pile of skulls that you need to place the skull on. It will disappear in a puff of smoke and reveal the dev mod.
  • There are three ID cards in the Town Hall when you return. Make sure to grab them before leaving.

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