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The Biosphere Bunker is a location featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It is an old Japanese bunker within the grounds of Dr. Kessler's Biosphere, which Dr. Kessler and his colleagues were using to store various equipment and supplies. Mostly, however, the bunker was abandoned with lots of old military equipment left in it. The Heroes come here during the side quest Surplus, where they look for supplies and a gun for Miya.


From the outside, the bunker is tall and looks much like just a solid concrete wall. Some of the concrete is cracked with plant life growing out of it, whilst plants and vines grow all over the walls. A small cover for some crates has been erected next to the entrance, whilst other barrels and crates are piled next to the doorway. The door itself was removed at some point, leaving the bunker easy to enter.

Inside the bunker is piles of old equipment, ranging from wooden crates to metal shelving which has lots of cardboard boxes stored on it. A ladder on the side leads up to the turret whilst a side door leads to the rear room of the bunker. In the turret, more equipment is stored including some chemicals, a rusty table and other furniture and assorted things. In the back room, a large generator sits in the center whilst more crates adorn the sides.


  • The Colt for Miya's side quest can be found in the turret, in the green wooden crate opposite the ladder.
  • Two Grenades can be found in the crate as well.
  • Two Metal chests can be found in the bunker:
    • One is found in the turret, on the metal walkway.
    • Another is found blocked by two explosive mines on the floor, next to the ladder.
  • A workbench can be found in the back room.
  • A further three grenades, three Molotov Cocktails and three explosive mines can be found in three separate large green wooden crates in the back room as well.
  • A single explosive mine is planted on the floor of the rear room, between the generator and dividing wall.