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DI2 Big Break location

Big Break is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm.


On a black plastic table in the middle of Hero's Journey Lane at Monarch Studios. In between Sound Stage 5 and Sound Stage 4 is a small lane with a table and some assorted furniture in the middle of it. The collectible is on a black plastic table in the middle of this lane.


How's the shoot?
Yeah it's great
I caught a glimpse of Emma earlier!
I've been thinking about my lines, should I play it straight or intense?
This could be my big break so I just wanna make an impression, you
As you agent, do what feels right
That's what they pay you for
Right, right
Would it be too much if I cry? Just a little tear?
I'm sure the director will let you know if there's something he really
I don't wanna overdo it
But more than that, I don't wanna UNDERdo it
Feels like my scene could really be the emotional core of the movie
Aaron, you have one line
The line is "Okay"
Don't overthink this
Just get your damn paycheck and move on