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The Beverly Hills Dead Zone is a location featured in Dead Island 2. It is a section of road leading to Monarch Studios which was blocked off by the United States Army to prevent access to the studios. The Slayers travel through the Dead Zone during the main quest Kwon With the Wind where they track down Michael Anders to Monarch Studios, and the only way for them to get through is to traverse the dead zone.


  • Three named zombies, Colonel Evans, Major Ryan and Private Kramer, are encountered at the Beverly Hills side of the dead zone.
    • Colonel Evans drops the Dead Zone Keycard, an item required to unlock the gate leading into the dead zone.
  • The collectible journal Chris Chat is located at the entrance to the dead zone, on a blue box next to the keycard reader used to open the gate in.
  • The Curveball Pipe Bomb is found in an open case on a table at the entrance of the dead zone, after passing through the entrance gate on the Beverly Hills side.
  • Two Crushers are found at the end of the dead zone, along with a bunch of different Walkers and Runners.