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Bel-Air Brawl is the third story quest featured in Dead Island 2.


Defend the house and secure it against the Zombies.


  • After waking up from blacking out due to the infection, the Slayers find themselves handcuffed to a bench press. Emma Jaunt is covering them with a pistol, but relaxes when the slayer talks to her to prove they're not a zombie. The shot the slayers heard as they passed out was Michael fainting and accidentally firing, nearly hitting Emma. Despite the slayer attempting to persuade her, she doesn't release them. She then begins to break down, sitting on an exercise ball next to the slayers before Michael interrupts them, saying that the house is being besieged by zombies. The slayer attempts to help, and Emma relents to freeing them, telling them that the cuffs are toys and they can free themselves with a button on them. Upon doing to, the slayer gets up to go defend the house.
  • Go help!
    • Go through the door that Emma went through and past the stairs, towards the far door.
    • Upon going through it, the slayer heads towards the main doors and declares that they're going out there. Michael is hesitant about it, holding the front door key, since it's been locked. Emma tries to give them her gun, but the slayer refuses. As Michael heads to unlock the door, Sean is seen crying for help outside, and Michael jumped backwards in fright, leading to Sean being mauled by a zombie. The slayer takes the key off Michael and unlocks it themselves, exiting the building and launching the zombie across the yard.
  • Defend the house!
    • Once outside, you regain control of the character. Head to the right and take out the Walker eating a body. After it's dead, fight the zombies at the main gate, consisting of Walkers and Shamblers.
  • Close the gate
    • To the left of the gate is another circuit breaker box, but it needs the breaker, and one isn't nearby.
  • Find a circuit breaker
    • Directly opposite the gate is a pathway down to the underground garage of the house. Head down to it, kill the Walker there and crouch under the garage door to the enter the garage.
    • A bunch of fire is at the far end of the garage, which is where the circuit breaker is. Luckily, several Water Jerrycans are on a countertop next to the fire.
    • Grab the jerrycan and use it to put out the fire. After it's extinguished, pick up the Circuit Breaker and run back to the gate.
  • Close the gate
    • You can either choose to put down the circuit breaker and fight the zombies first, or run past them and place the breaker in the panel before dealing with the zombies.
  • Hold them off until the gate closes/Finish off the last few zombies
    • Either way, you need to defend the gate as it closes, and a Runner joins the Walkers and Shamblers around the gate, so hold them off until the gate is fully closed, then kill those that remain.
  • Tell the others they're safe (for now...)
    • When all the zombies are dead, head back to the main entrance and go into the house again. Andrea is there to greet you and directs you to meet the others in the games room.
    • To your right is a staircase leading downstairs. Head down and follow it all the way around to the left, then head towards the double doors at the far end, past a set of stairs leading back up. A cutscene will then play.
    • The slayer heads through the doors, surprising Emma and Michael, as they are told that the area is safe for now. Michael pours them all drinks as Emma panics and Michael attempts to comfort her. They then hear a noise from behind a door next to the bar. The slayer breaks a pool cue and prepares to defend them from a zombie, when Sam B bursts in with a Shotgun, telling the slayer to put down the cue. Michael attempts to protect Emma, who angrily argues with Sam who is nonchalant about it all. Sam says he has a plan to get out, but that Los Angeles is locked down. Luckily, Sam's been through it before, though it was covered up, and that he survived because he's immune. Emma is unimpressed and reveals to him that the slayers are also immune. They proceed to argue about escaping LA until the slayer interrupts them, revelling in the revelation that they are also immune. This breaks the argument and Emma tells Sam he can stay, before showing him where he'll be sleeping upstairs. The cutscene then transitions back to your control again, which ends the quest.


  • The following features are introduced:
    • one character, Sam B.
    • fires and its related hazards.
    • water jerrycans, containers for pouring water.
    • survivor cards and its abilities, including a method of defense (choice of blocking or dodging) and drop kicks.