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Beach Offensive is a main quest featured in Dead Island 2.


Search the Venice Beach FOB for a way through to Santa Monica.


The Slayers must make their way to the Venice Beach FOB located on the beach in order to find a way through all the way to Santa Monica. Upon approaching the FOB, the entrance has been left wide open. After making into the base, the Slayers reach the quarantine corridor, which is locked down like the rest of the base.

Walking around the base, the Slayers finds an alternate route into a locked odwn area with information on how to lift the lockdown, specifically to find Lt. Hicks, the individual with the lockdown code. After obtaining the code and lifting the lockdown, the Slayers make their way to the evacuation corridor, one step closer to Santa Monica.



Entrance to the evacuation corridor

  • Into the Militarized zone! - Find a way into the Venice Beach FOB.
  • Find a quarantine corridor - To the right of the entrance is the entrance of the quarantine corridor, with the words "REDRUM" on the door.
  • Head through the quarantine corridor - Attempting to open the door reveals the base is in total lockdown, preventing the Slayers from continuing further.
DI2-quest-beach offensive-operational tent

The three journals inside the operations tent

  • Override the lockdown somehow... - Searching the base reveals a fenced off area with barracks and command tents. Moving down towards the waterfront reveals an alternate way into the fenced off area by climbing on some boxes and over a part of the fence without razor wire.
  • Find the code to override the lockdown - The operational command tent is torn open with many dead soldiers and torn apart bodies strewn all over. Inside the tent are several journals revealing who had the lockdown code, Lt. Hicks.
  • Find Hicks - Searching the soldiers' dog tags in front of the operational command tent reveal none are Lt. Hicks, leading the slayers to the barracks.
  • Track down Lt. Hicks' dog tags to complete the code... - Lt. Hicks' backpack is found inside the barracks with a journal referring to his lockdown code in three parts, the first is on the paper, the second is on a photograph next to his bed, and the third is on his dog tag. His journal suggest he can be found at the portapotties.
DI2-quest-beach offensive-lockdown code

The three parts needed for the lockdown code

  • Kill Lt. Hicks! - Inside one of the portapotties is a zombified Lt. Hicks.
  • Grab Hicks' dog tags - After killing Lt. Hicks, his dog tags can be found on the ground, completing the lockdown code.
  • Cancel the lockdown - Lift the lockdown by using the keycard on the console near the fence.
  • Fight your way back to the corridor - Lifting the lockdown will spawn many zombies, kill them and get back to the corridor entrance.
  • Cycle the Airlock - Activate the airlock door to get in the airlock, and again to enter the corridor and complete the quest.