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The Beach House is a Safe House in Dead Island. It is introduced during the Prologue and is the starting point of the first two quests of the game.

It is featured in the game following the initial hotel sequence, then the multiple cutscenes, finishing with Jack attempting to determine whether to bash the Hero in the head or not. At this point, the player begins into the main game. The first quest entails the Hero saving Sinamoi who is bravely defending the area by himself, so the Hero must help him to repay their debt. After this, the Hero must collect Sinamoi's keycard from his bungalow before clearing out the Lifeguard Tower, after which the survivor group moves to it, abandoning the Beach House.


The hut is a typical beach hut in the Resort area. It's in a picturesque location on the beach, raised slightly on stilts to avoid the rising tide, with a set of stairs to get up to the raised wooden walkway around it. The stairs have now been either blocked off or demolished by the group, causing you to have to jump over some obstacles to get in. The hut itself is made from wood and thatch, with various windows and a set of wooden double doors to get in.

Inside it is split into three main rooms. There's the main living room, where the survivors have set up a radio on a table with a chair to monitor it. There's some cabinets and furniture in here, for when you need to relax and enjoy the beach view. There's one doorway leading to the bedroom. There's a single bed in here, with a door on the right hand side to exit the building, blocked up by the survivors. There's a short corridor to the left which leads to the other exit door on the left of the building, now also blocked off by the survivors, as well as the bathroom through a doorway on the left. The bathroom itself is fairly small, with a toilet, sink and bath tub.

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  • This structure acts as the first Safe House the player will use, although lacking many features, including a Fast Travel map, a merchant, and side quests, though the side quest The Lost can be started both here and at the Lifeguard Tower. However, it is not completable until the main quest To Kill Time has been activated.
  • After the Lifeguard Tower has been cleared and the survivors have moved there, the Beach House can still be used as a safe area, since zombies will not spawn around it, nor will they enter it if they are led into the house.