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For the quest item of the same name in Dead Island: Riptide, see Battery (Riptide).
For the item of the same name in Dead Island 2, see Battery (Dead Island 2).
Battery Fel

Batteries are miscellaneous items featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. They can be used for customising weapons, sold to merchants, or given to Ethan (see Light is Life article for details). They appear as a pack of three AA batteries, secured together as a single unit using dark green shrink-wrap plastic. There's some writing on the plastic, likely safety warnings and details about the batteries.


  • Computers, printers, copiers and faxes around the island of Banoi.
  • Found randomly in lootable containers (closets, luggage, etc.).
  • Sold by certain Merchants.


Other Batteries[]