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For the weapon of the same name in Dead Island 2, see Baseball Bat (Dead Island 2).

The Baseball Bat is a blunt melee weapon featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It can be given as a Quest reward, sold by various Merchants and found in Metal chests or on killed Zombies.


Being one of the weakest weapons in the game, Baseball Bats have a fast swing and medium range. They are quite useful during the early stages of the game against weaker zombies, capable of effectively beating down Walkers or Infected. They also accept a lot of the early game Mods, increasing their lifespan during low level. However their effectiveness lessens as one progresses to the later stages of the game due to their lower damage and durability. This is thought to be primarily due to the fact that the Baseball Bat only scales up to level 24. Beyond this point Big Baseball Bats and Metal Baseball bats become more commonplace, replacing the original variety.


The Baseball Bat can accept a wide array of weapon mods, including: