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Attached to a metal baseball bat

The Barbed Wire Mod is a weapon modification featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide . When used at a workbench, the mod adds light bleed damage and a bleed critical to most blunt weapons.


The Barbed Wire Mod is as straight forwards as a mod can get. When used, it adds barbed wire to whatever weapon is used to craft it. With just two Barbed Wire and $200 needed to craft it, it's very cheap to make and is good for when a bleed weapon is needed in a hurry. It adds a decent, if slightly small, amount of bleed damage to the weapon and upon critting, it can deal out decent bleed damage over time, rapidly draining the health of whatever is hit. Visually, it adds a nasty coil of barbed wire at the end of the weapon that looks like it can do some damage!

The mod was not changed significantly in Dead Island: Riptide other than adding more compatible, Riptide exclusive, weapons to its already impressive range of base weapons. The main difference is actually in when the mod is acquired, since it's available a lot sooner than in Dead Island, so it can be used far sooner than it was ever possible in the original game.

The downside to the mod is when it is found. The mod is not found until midway through Act II when traversing the Supermarket, which is a little late to be getting a rank 1 bleed mod. In comparison, the Glazed Mod can be acquired right after entering Moresby at the beginning of the act by going straight to Victory Hill and completing the side Quest Uninvited Guests. The mod is compatible with a wide range, if less broad, than the Barbed Wire Mod, and deals more crit damage for the same crit chance but a longer crit duration and not costing too much more. Even if the Glazed Mod is not acquired, the Nail'd Mod has EXACTLY the same stats for just as an impressive weapons list (though admittedly slightly shorter) and is acquired right at the beginning of the game, for the same cost and only needing 2 Nails, making this mod pretty irrelevant when it is found. This problem is alleviated mostly in Riptide where it is acquired far earlier in Riptide's campaign, making it far more viable to want to craft it. In addition, several of the mod's compatible weapons disappear after reaching level 24, namely the Baseball Bat and Stick, making its impressive weapons list slightly less impressive when past a certain level. Finally, the mod is eventually surpassed by superior bleed mods such as the aforementioned Glazed Mod but also the Razor Mod acquired in Act III or even the Diamond Edge Mod in Riptide, both of which have a decent weapon selection, deal better bleed damage with a higher bleed rank and the same crit chance, making the mod soon surpassed by these more damaging mods. Overall, the mod is a decent low level mod with an impressive weapons list that makes it pretty useful for surviving the early game with a bleed mod. However, it's acquired too late to be REALLY useful and will eventually be surpassed by superior, more damaging, alternative mods.


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Here is a simple way to use the barbed wire as an addition to various types of clubs. Thanks to that easy procedure you'll be able to seriously mutilate anyone unlucky enough to be wounded with it.
In Dead Island, the mod is located in the cellars of the Supermarket on a table next to the workbench during the main Quest Supermarket Journey.
In Dead Island: Riptide, the mod is located in the large warehouse at the back of Marik's Marina.
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Barbed Wire Mod



  • When applied to the weapon, the name becomes 'Barbed [WEAPON]', e.g. Barbed Hanbo or Barbed Big Baseball Bat.
  • For some reason, when applied to a Staff, the model for the Razor Mod appears instead.