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There is no known treatment for Kuru. The only way to contain it is to discourage the practice of cannibalism.
Banoi Herald Excerpt #14

Banoi Herald Excerpt #14 is a collectible item in Dead Island, and can be found in the Resort map of Act I. It is part of the My collectibles, let me show you them! challenge, and the Gotta find'em all and Nearly there achievements. This collectible is only accessible during the Born to be Wild quest. Once the quest is completed the elevator shaft will be closed and you will not be able to access any other Hotel area past the lobby.

On the second floor of the hotel, in the first office overlooking the pool.

Can be seen on the following map:

Parking Lot Map
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Journal14 small icon
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Banoi Herald Excerpts
Journal13 small iconExcerpt #13
Journal14 small iconExcerpt #14
Journal15 small iconExcerpt #15
Journal16 small iconExcerpt #16
ID Cards
Idcard026 small iconID Card #26
Idcard027 small iconID Card #27
Idcard028 small iconID Card #28
Idcard029 small iconID Card #29
Idcard030 small iconID Card #30
Tape Recordings
Tapere03 small iconTape Recording #03