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This article is about the quest. For the survivor, see Banoi Butcher (Survivor).

Banoi Butcher is a hard difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Angel in Dead Island.


The Hero must find the Banoi Butcher and kill him, as he terrifies everyone in the Prison.


  • Talk to Angel to start the quest.
  • He tells you about a prisoner called the Banoi Butcher. He terrifies everyone in the prison, from terrorists to Russian mafia hitmen. Now that he's free, he scares everyone more than the zombies currently overrunning the prison. It'd be a great help if the Hero was to go and kill him.
  • Go through the double doors next to Angel.
  • Once you're through, they close behind you and Angel tells you over radio that the only way you're getting back in is by killing the Banoi Butcher.
  • Go down the hallway until you get to the therapy room. The hallway is covered in bodies, gore and mutilated corpses.
  • Once you reach the therapy room, you'll see that the keypad door is locked and that the Banoi Butcher is in the room. The chairs inside are scattered everywhere and there's even more bodies around. The Butcher will taunt you, telling you that you're too late to 'save the nosy bitch' (likely the prison councillor or psychiatrist).
  • After he's done taunting you, he will unlock the keypad door and you're free to enter the room to kill him.
  • Engaging in melee is dangerous, as he deals a lot of damage and can dodge and weave your swings like melee punks from Moresby. Engaging at range is a far quicker and safer option.
  • Once he's dead, return to Angel now that the doors are unlocked again.
  • Talk to him to finish the quest and get your well deserved reward.


  • Despite the Banoi Butcher being hyped up as a 'boss' enemy, he's actually rather weak. He's only dangerous if you try and engage him in melee combat. Here are a few ways to deal with him safely.
    • The quickest, easiest and best way to kill him is to simply shoot him in the head with a firearm. You'll probably have one by now and if not, you can purchase one from Arthur in the canteen. Since he doesn't have a helmet on or any sort of head protection, a few shots to the head will easily take him out.
    • If you have a throwable like a molotov or grenade, you can quickly open the door, throw it at him then close the door again. His AI can't open doors, so he'll remain in place and the throwable will kill him. It may take more than one depending on your level, but it's another easy way of killing him.
    • You can also throw a weapon at him to do massive damage before taking him on. This is useful if you have a high damage throwing weapon or don't have a firearm/throwable in your inventory.
  • There's a box of small rifle ammo in the hallway leading to the room with the Banoi Butcher in.
  • There's a metal chest in the therapy room where you fight him. Check it before you leave.
  • From the Banoi Butcher's speech he gives to the hero, he might be a cannibal, but whether that's due to the lack of food from the outbreak or something he did before being locked up we don't know.