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The Bank of Banoi is a mentioned location featured in Dead Island. Not much is known about the Bank, besides of they owned several Armored Trucks. It was likely located in the wealthy section of Moresby for the extra security. This is further backed up by the appearance of one crashed into the front of the Supermarket located in the wealthy area.


Despite never seeing or visiting the Bank, we can assume some things about it from what we see and hear about it in game. It's highly likely that it has an underground vault for storing the money and any other valuables. It also will have a garage with space for at least two large armoured trucks for transporting money around. This garage would either be underground or on the ground floor of the building. It's likely a two story building with a front entrance for customers to enter the building and withdraw/deposit cash while the second floor will be for offices.

It would likely look similar to the Police Station in terms of architecture. It was probably one of the first major building projects for the city, so will have the same architecture as the Town Hall or Police Station, with carved columns and late 19th century architecture. It could also have a clock on a short tower above the roof of the building like the Police Station has.


275px-Bank of Banoi truck

The other side of the Truck, seeing the complete logo of the Bank of Banoi

  • The Bank of Banoi never makes a physical appearance, but the Logo of it is seen on the sides of the truck.
  • It is highly possible that the Royal Palms Resort caused problems for the Bank, as revealed in the Dead Island comic book in which the manager was "laundering" the "profits" of the Bank of Banoi.
  • The reason for why the truck crashed into the Supermarket doors is unknown, but the most logical reason is that the punks that took over the Supermarket likely hijacked the truck for the vast sum of money it carries and its armour. They then probably crashed into the doors of the Supermarket to open them and get into the Supermarket to take it over.