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Back in Black is a medium difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Mowen in Dead Island.


Get some metal rods from the Old Marina Workshop before head back to the Lab.


  • Talk to Mowen to start the quest.
  • He'll tell you that they just need one last thing before you can go to the prison, which are some metal rods to keep any mines away. You can find them at the Old Marina Workshop at the Resort.
  • Use the helm to fast travel to the Resort and you'll be placed with the boat at the dock.
  • Go onto the dock and prepare to fight a lot of zombies.
  • In single player, expect 6 Walkers, 1 Thug, 1 Suicider, and 4 Infected (in pairs). Most are milling about the rear of the workshop but some are hidden off to the side.
  • It's a hard fight purely due to the volume of zombies in a small space. Use the Suicider as a mobile bomb to clear out some of them, and hang back to let the Infected reach you first, where you can kill them. Deal with the Walkers before turning on the Thug.
  • After they're all dead, the rods are on a bottom shelf of the racking in front of you, on the back wall of the workshop, so there's no need to go far. You should really check inside the workshop anyway, as it has good loot.
  • Return to the boat and place the rods in the glowing outline at the bow of the boat.
  • Talk to Jin, who will tell you that before you leave, there's something she needs to do. A cutscene will then play showing Jin entering the workshop with a revolver in hand. She heads to the back and opens the door to the office. Earl will come out as an Infected while Jin aims at him. She tearfully tells him she loves him before shooting him in the head. The cutscene ends and she's back on the boat.
  • You'll then hear The Voice over the radio urgently telling you to return to the Lab, as he heard screams. This will end the quest, so use the helm on the boat to return to the Lab.


  • Once this quest is finished and No Time to Talk is begun, the Laboratory will be overrun by undead, making it impossible to complete or turn in lab side quests. Complete them all before performing this quest.
  • You can find Banoi Herald Excerpt 10 and ID Card 16 on the roof of the adjacent warehouse if you haven't already got them.
  • Make sure to check inside the workshop while you're there. There's a free medkit on the wall, a box of pistol ammo and several metal chests.


  • The title of this quest may be a reference to the 1980 AC/DC album and song of the same name.
  • After the cutscene where Jin kills Earl, she will say twice the line "Alright, let's get the *** out of this island.", each time in a notably different tone. This was probably an oversight by the developers, which might have accidentally left two different takes of the voice actress's delivery of that line.