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A Shovel with the BBQ Mod equipped

The BBQ Mod is a weapon mod featured in Dead Island: Riptide with the Survivor Pack DLC. The Mod adds fire damage to any Shovel or its variant, allowing it inflict burn damage and a fire critical effect.


The BBQ Mod is Riptide's Ripper Mod, you could say, as it is a mod only available to those who purchased the DLC, similar to how the Ripper Mod was, initially, only available to those who had pre-ordered the original Dead Island. Similar again to the Ripper Mod, the BBQ Mod is only applicable to one weapon and its variants, being the Shovel. However, it is not only placed into the character's inventory upon starting, or continuing, a game but a Shovel with the mod already installed is also placed in the inventory of a NEW character. Because of this, the BBQ Mod is an excellent mod for a new character starting out in the far harsher world of Riptide, being amongst the first mods acquired. The mod adds fire damage and a fire critical effect to a Shovel which can make quick work of the masses of Infected in the Flooded jungle. While it can take a while to collect all the items needed, the damage bonus and crit effects can be very beneficial to new characters. Visually, it's very striking with several hot blue flames coming out either side of the blade, heating it up to yellow and white, making the weapon satisfying to wield.

However, the weapon suffers several problems, chiefly being its VERY narrow weapon selection that it is applicable for. The Ripper Mod also had this problem in the original Dead Island but here the problem is not quite the same but of similar design. Where the Ripper Mod was made obsolete by the base weapon being phased out at a certain level, the BBQ Mod suffers the problem of the base weapon being too rare. Shovels are hard to come by across Palanai Island, being sold by just a few Merchants and not commonly dropping by Zombies or appearing in Metal chests, making them one of the rarest weapons to find in Riptide. In addition to this, the amount of mod parts needed to craft it is quite high for such a 'low power' weapon mod. For example, we can look at the Torch Mod, another fire mod collected quite early on by just completing the first level of Henry Boyle's Team Quest Jury-rigging for Henry. It deals the same, if not MORE, damage and critical damage than the BBQ Mod for only a third of the mod parts and half the Cash the BBQ mod requires AND can be applied to the Shovel as well. Finally, the mod will be phased out and made obsolete by better fire mods not only like the Torch Mod but also the new Area-of-Effect Mods added in Riptide such as the Inferno Mod or Solar Flare Mod which both deal more damage, are cheaper or just as expensive to craft or are applicable to a FAR wider array of weapons. Like all mods, it will also permanently slightly lower the durability of the base weapon, making it break slightly faster than an unmodded version.


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Looks like a hell of a weapon and does not disappoint.
The mod is automatically placed into the inventory once the player has purchased the Survivor Pack DLC.
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  • The BBQ Mod has identical stats to the unused Plasma Cutter Mod.
  • Unlike other fire mods for most bladed weapons, the BBQ Mod WILL set enemies on fire on a crit rather than just deal massive damage.
  • Unlike the Ripper Mod from Dead Island, which just has the mod placed into the inventory and have the player find the base items and weapon, the BBQ Mod will place an already modded level 15 Shovel into the player's inventory, providing they did not port an existing Dead Island character save into the game.
  • When applied to the weapon, the name becomes the 'BBQ Shovel' or 'BBQ Blade'.