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B-14 Reporting In is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectibles possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is part of The Truth series, specifically the Autophage section. It is a conversation between Eschaton Beige worker B_14 and Alice Gerrard about the start of the evacuations.


On a table in Lifeguard Shack 18 on the pier beach. In the middle of the beach is a small blue lifeguard shack, which can be entered, and the collectible is on the small table inside the shack.


Eschaton_Beige Voice2Text log B_14_56
From: B_14
To: Alice Gerrard

>Hi Alice, just checking in.
>It's vector zero hour.
>Let's see.
>Yeah, vector zero hour plus fifty-six.
>POTUS announced state of emergency and top secret executive orders about four hours ago.
>It's all going real smooth now.
>Out logistics teams are rolling up with containment equipment and no one questions where it all came from.
>Monicas one, two and three are almost complete and secure.
>Screening systems should be online within the hour.
>FoB Phoebe is behind schedule. Trains make things more complicated than we'd planned!
>But we should be screening and evacuating minors within eight hours.
>I stand by what we agreed, we're getting the kids out no matter what.
>I'm off to check the evac corridors.
>Roll out is going well but local commands keep getting their own ideas.
>And I can't really tell them I have experience containing zombie outbreaks, can I!
>I'll check back at sundown.
>B-fourteen out.


  • Monica one, two and three are codenames for locations where Eschaton plays an important role.