A Hatchet

The Axe is a sharp weapon featured in Dead Island.


The two-handed axe is very effective at dismembering zombies and has a long reach. However, they also have a significantly high stamina cost and reset time. When swinging the two handed axe, the character's vision follows the axe, making it difficult to see. This follows that when wielding this weapon it is a recommended strategy to use each swing effectively and with some precision- avoid swinging aimlessly at opponents. The two handed axe also has a special knockdown attack in the form of a thrust which is a fast attack with great range, damage and does not hinder visibility whilst still being able to knock down enemies (this can only be done by Xian Mei).

One handed axes such as a Hatchet, Splitting Axe or Universal Axe deal reasonably good damage with faster attack speed than that of its two handed counterpart. Due to the reduced size of the axe handle, one handed axes have a significantly shorter range in comparison but not have the visibility problem like that of its two handed counterpart. The one handed axe special knockdown attack is a backhanded slash similar to that seen by most weapons.


Basic varieties

Legendary varieties



  • An axe can be found in one of the rooms near where the Hero wakes up during the quest "Chaos Overture", though it can't be picked up. One could assume that this axe was the one used by the Father in the trailer.