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Autophage: Vector Mechanics is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm.




Interim Autophage Report: Vector Mechanics

To: CDC Emergency C&C, Colorado

From: Dr. Falmer, CDC HQ, Monica 1, L.A. Quarantine Zone


Autophage has one primary vector: contamination of the human circulatory system. Autophage modifies the host's behavior and morphology to achieve this via one of two sub-vectors:

A. Injection via physical assault -- e.g. biting, clawing, stabbing

B. Absorption via contact with epidermal lesions

Sub-vector A (SV-A) is the most common, with little physiological modification required to achieve success, although some host variants do progress to Stage 2 (See Report: Phenotype Pathology) and become morphologically specialized.

Sub-vector B (SV-B) Autophage can produce a fluid we've called 'caustic bile' -- a mix of Autophage and organic alkalis -- that is stored in 'black sacs' about the body (All SV-B are Stage 2; cf. Report: Phenotype Pathology.) These black sacs are constructed from self-organized masses of the nanoid and present in sizes, shapes, and locations according to no pattern we have yet been able to identify.

The bile's corrosive properties burn skin and cause lesions through which the Autophage may enter the victim's circulatory system.

SV-B phenotypes are rare, and it is as yet unclear what mechanism decides this pathology.

Autophage does not pose an airborne vector threat beyond the limited 'aerosol' potential via SV-B. Such aerosols exposure Autophage to rapid environmental degradation.