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ADF Flag

The flag of the Australian Defence Force

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is the military organization responsible for the defence of Australia. Not much is seen of the ADF, though they are mentioned consistently over nearly all the Dead Island games, having either a character appearance, collectible mention or feature in a quest. Not much else is seen, but they are clearly defending the archipelago or taking a role in it due to their close proximity to mainland Australia.

Dead Island[]

The ADF is first mentioned in Dead Island, during the side quest Spy Game. Nick from Moresby asks the Hero to record a transmission from the Antenna relay in the Jungle. While there, you find out the ADF has blockaded Banoi Island, preventing anything getting in or out. However, this is all we really hear about the ADF. We can, however, assume that the ADF helped out the Australian Biological Institute in quarantining the centre of Moresby. The ADF is later slightly expanded on with the Ryder White's Campaign DLC for the game. We are introduced to a few new high ranking members and discover Ryder White originally signed up with the ADF before joining the B.I.D.F. However any soldiers we later meet during the game are all a part of the B.I.D.F.

Antenna transmission transcript[]

Yes Colonel... all access to the island has been severed. Ships are deployed around the entire perimeter. A bloody minnow couldn't slip through. There haven't been any problems apart from one minor incident. A fishing boat tried to get through to the island. I already dispatched a patrol after it. Yes, sir. Affirmative. no witnesses...

Dead Island: Riptide[]

The ADF is more prominent in Dead Island: Riptide. The game starts on an ADF ship, the HMAS Avenger. Not to mention, we meet Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Hardy, who is with the ADF. When the heroes are taken into custody by ADF soldiers on the ship, they meet another member of the ADF, Sergeant John Morgan, who is also immune. The first zombies fought by the heroes are on the ship, largely made up of infected ADF soldiers, due to Yerema biting one of them when they grabbed her, since Yerema is a carrier of the virus.

Long prior to the events of Riptide, the Australian Army defended Palanai Island during World War II, successfully holding Henderson against the Japanese which ended up serving as a staging post for Allied pushes in the Pacific Theatre of the war. Following the end of the war, in the late 1950s they established a joint operations base in Henderson, the Henderson Military Base, due to Palanai being an External Territory of the Australian Commonwealth. In the 1970s, the ADF was tasked with an extensive clean-up operation of the Japanese Tunnels beneath Palanai due to the chemical weapons that were stored by the Japanese. However, the operation failed due to the presence of Zombies and the Royal Australian Engineers instead either blew up the entrances or blockaded them to prevent people accessing them or the zombies from coming to the surface. Palanai continued to be protected by the ADF until the outbreak wiped out the base.

Dead Island: Epidemic[]

For Dead Island: Epidemic, one of the characters, Allie, was part of a special ops team sent to investigate the situation on Amaia. She is in contact with one of her fellow soldiers stationed on a ship in between Amaia and the ADF-blockade; and he has got some goodies for Allie to utilize.


Australian Defence Force[]

Royal Australian Engineers[]

  • Ethan Howard (unknown, likely deceased)