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The insignia of the ABI

The Australian Biological Institute is an organization featured in Dead Island which deals with biohazardous outbreaks. It has set up quarantine areas around Moresby in an attempt to contain the Pathogen HK outbreak, caused by a stronger variant of Kuru.

Despite the Institute's best attempts, the virus spread throughout the city and reached the outskirts of other places around Banoi Island. A number of the denizens became infected, while others who weren't infected yet sought to take advantage of the chaos that ensued.

The Institute was also responsible for setting up the evacuation point from Banoi, until it was overrun. This evacuation point was a large tunnel system which lead to multiple different exits where civilians could be taken away to safety. However, this was eventually overrun and most of the soldiers and civilians there getting infected and killed, which we know from those of them left in the lobby of the Bloodbath Arena, the ex-evacuation point.


  • It's advised to be careful when approaching the quarantined area. Numerous infected spawn around here and can quickly overtake the player if they're not careful.
  • The Institute had already set up plenty of safety places on the high roofs, which enables the players to stay on the high places for their safety, if they want to reduce their attracting the attention of the infected.
  • You can find some warnings and pamphlets inside the lobby of the Bloodbath Arena from the Australian Biological Institute. These letters detail information on 'the signs and symptoms of the infection', some 'medical advise on treating an infected wound' and 'how to prevent infection', with each one getting their own letter.


  • You can find a small alley leading you into the quarantine zone directly without facing the high barricading walls. In other words, the path is not blocked by walls. This could be one of the minor reasons why the attempt of the Institute to contain the virus inside the Quarantine Zone had failed, as zombies can still get out of the quarantine zone from the alley.