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Aurora Gate ID check

Aurora Gate, which is connected to Car & Camping Zone 6, is a location featured in Dead Island 2. It is the main entrance for foot traffic to SoLA. The Slayers first come here when investigating SoLA festival and witness the massacre that occurred at the gates as festival goers tried to escape the beat which turned them all into Zombies.


Upon arriving at SoLA from the Canyon Park Trail in Beverly Hills, the Slayers will be met with an array of abandoned tents, canopies and cars strewn around from where event goers would arrive and camp out between days. Some cars have crashed into one another or a gate which implies some survivors of the outbreak attempted to flee before being over run. There is a staff area in the lot that was used for security and/or staff overlooking the campers. The is a Workbench inside.

Further in the campgrounds is a dirt path surrounded by bushes and nature which leads to an entrance to the event itself, presumably dumbed the Aurora Gate. This is where event goers would have their IDs and bags checked before being allowed inside. Above the ID check are two giant archways with the painting of a colorful volcano leading up to a sun with 'welcome' inside of it. This is also where Slayers can examine a pile of corpses of event goers who tried to escape but couldn't due to the turnstiles.

Once Slayers enter through the Aurora Gate, they're met with a large open field, large signage of the world 'SoLA' and Grace's Compound.

Named Zombies[]

  • VCLA Clare
  • VCLA Drew
  • VCLA Charlie
  • VCLA Freddie


  • The collectible journal Live at SoLA can be found on the floor next to a dead body on the path leading to the gate.
  • A green 'uncommon' rarity Club can be found on the path leading from the car park to the gate.