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The Assassin's Poison Mod is a weapon mod featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. The mod was added to Dead Island in Patch 1.3. When used at a Workbench, it applies a heavy Poison Effect to Spiked Brass Knuckles, Badass Brass Knuckles, and Brutal Brass Knuckles.


This mod is in a strange place in terms of the mods available in Dead Island. The mod is mid-range in terms of cost, requiring $600 which is by no means expensive compared to some of the other weapon mods out there, however it does require quite a few mod items to craft, at a whopping 22 items in total! However, if these can be acquired along with an applicable base weapon, the mod is very potent. With a high critical damage values as well as high potential damage from said crit effect, the mod is very useful across both the early and late game of any playthrough. This combined with the fast weapon attack speed of its applicable weapons, the mod is quite capable of tearing through a horde with ease as well as making the harder special infected unable to attack whilst critically effected. The mod is also able to be obtained relatively early on, located in a Resort bar with just a locked door blocking its access. This means that a very low level player can potentially obtain a very powerful mod that can carry them through a decent chunk of the game, providing they can find an applicable base weapon. Visually, the only notable change to the base weapon is a green mist and shimmering air around the weapon when it is wielded. In Riptide, the mod is unchanged bar the fact that it is found far later into the game, where other mods of comparable stats are located.

The mod, however, has several major downsides which make it hard to use and not very worthwhile to make. The first of which is its narrow applicable weapons list. The mod is only applicable to certain Brass Knuckle variants, which can be hard to come by considering the many types of brass knuckles available in the game. Furthermore, if these brass knuckle variants can be obtained, the mod is only useful to Sam B, who specialises in blunt weapons. Whilst this can be useful as the sole avenue for Sam B to get a worthwhile poison mod or poison weapon in his arsenal, there are far more useful and cheap weapon mods for the low level weapons found in the Resort that will be more useful to him. In addition to this end, these three brass knuckle variants can also be modded with the Rending Claws Mod, which is only applicable to these three weapons like this mod, but is the same price but for far less mod items which are far easier to come by and which gives the same effect as this mod, but in terms of bleed damage instead of poison. The Rending Claws Mod is also acquired quite early on, mitigating the bonus that this mod has to being acquired quite early on. The mod is also entirely useless to a sharp weapon expert like Xian Mei, who has no use for brass knuckles and also has several other poison mods that are not only cheaper but also applicable to almost the entire range of sharp weapons at her disposal. The other major drawback point of the mod is its GINORMOUS cost. Not so much its Cash cost, as this is fairly cheap, but more so its mod item cost. Not only is it a whopping 22 items shopping list, but it also contains several hard to come by materials such as Suicider Meat and Bleach, which are also used in several other mods. Because of this, crafting this mod can be seen as a waste of resources when other, superior mods are available both for blunt weapons and to give a poison effect.

Overall, the mod is useful as the only poison mod applicable blunt weapons - period. However, it is heavily dragged down by its narrow weapons list which themselves are hard to come by, and also by its MASSIVE mod parts requirements, making other, cheaper poison mods like the Toxic Mod or even Paralyzing Strike Mod favorable over this one, even though they are acquired later. Whilst the mod is useful for Sam B to get a poison weapon into his inventory, there are other blunt weapons mods that are far cheaper and more useful than this one, and the base weapons themselves have an alternative high damage mod applicable to them which is acquired around the same time as the Assassin's Poison Mod, making it mostly obsolete to craft and use.


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Brass Knuckles, a couple blades and poison thorns - that is my answer to the urgent demand born within the couple last days. Put all of them together according to the description below and don't hesitate to use it when you come across a living dead. You have to be quick and determined - leave the rest to my super brass knuckles...
In Dead Island, the mod is found inside the southern most island bar, behind a locked door, on the counter in the Resort.
In Dead Island: Riptide, the mod is found south of the Old Town Cinema in Henderson.
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Assassin's Poison Mod



  • This is the only poison mod that is only applicable to blunt weapons and blunt weapons only. All other poison mods are exclusive to sharp weapons, making this the only worthwhile poison based mod for Sam B.