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The Assassin's Greed is a variant of the Knife and a Legendary weapon featured in Dead Island, rarely available from Metal chests or killed Zombies.


Being a knife, this weapon has exceptional handling, making it the best weapon in this category compared to the other legendries. Likewise, being a legendary knife, it has the highest base damage for a knife which combined with the extremely good handling means it is able to deal high DPS with fast attack patterns. However, also in accordance with being a knife, this weapon has extremely weak durability, requiring near constant repairs if used frequently. It also has low force attributes, like other sharp weapons. In comparison with the other sharp legendries, despite being the best kind of knife, the weapon also has the lowest base damage, something that comes as no surprise due to being a knife. Something else to note is the very close range required to hit enemies. Because of how short the blade is (again, due to being a knife), means getting into an enemy's attack range is a requirement.


The Assassin's Greed can accept nearly all the regular mods that are available to knives, including:


  • Like other knife variants, only toxic mods are available to be applied. No electric or fire mods can be put on it without using cheats.


  • The weapon's name is a clear reference to the Assassin's Creed game series. The shape of the knife is also a reference to the game series as it resembles the knife used by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad in the original game[1].
  • This weapon does look similar to the knife used in Xian Mei's Fury.
  • It is the only Legendary named Knife in Dead Island.