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Asher is one of the main protagonists of that was supposed to appear in the September 2017 draft of the Dead Island film. It's unknown what he did prior to the outbreak but decided to travel to the Banoi Archipelago on holiday.

He would have first appeared in a backwards playing, slow motion shot where he vomits due to watching the others killing Zombies. It would then flashback to three weeks earlier, where Tynan and Asher are at an American airport and Si helps them find their plane, which they are late for. They fly to Amaia Island first, after annoying the flight attendant and generally goofing around. Asher is in the sea being filmed by Tynan, who claims that "He’s totally peeing" in the sea. Later, Asher and Tynan break into Si's room with super soakers, intending on playing a prank, only to find Si in bed with Cassie, a girl he met on Amaia. Si angrily chases them out of the room.

The four then fly to Narapela Island before getting back on the plane to go to Banoi Island, where Asher would record a selfie video on the plane, very hung over, explaining that they're going to stop off on Banoi before heading to Palanai Island for the Full Moon Party. Upon reaching Banoi, their luggage goes missing at Banoi Airport and Asher is seen with his head in his hands, depressed. In order to gather the funds to still go to the party, they all agree to get jobs at the Royal Palms Resort.

Asher gets a job out at the pools as a bar tender and he serves an elderly couple, Gerald and Dana Aaronson. After being tipped, he talks to them and they reveal themselves as swingers which quickly disgusts Asher and he makes an excuse to leave. He was then to be seen later with Si on a break at the pool when Tynan arrives with a bag of weed, and after Si hides it, the three are interrupted by Dave who talks to them in a very monotone and tired voice. After Tynan eventually gets rid of him, he spots Jerrika and tries to get Asher to go and talk to her, but Asher doesn't like his approach, so Tynan makes his excuse and goes to her when Cassie joins them.

When the outbreak occurs, Asher is back inside the hotel and is fending off two zombies, who he doesn't realise are zombies yet, with a mop, telling them he feels threatened and if they can talk it out instead. He is saved by Cassie with a fire axe who kills them. He then tells her they need to find the others, so they begin to search the hotel for Si and Tynan. The opening sequence then begins but in real time as Asher and Cassie find the others at the pools and the sequence occurs, with Asher throwing up at the sights. They manage to reach the hotel foyer and Asher motions them to be quiet as he spots a group of eating zombies not far from them. They sneak to the emergency stairs, but when Tynan alerts the zombies due to getting a can of drink, Asher and Cassie remain at the bottom of the stairs whilst Si goes back for Tynan. When Si subsequently gets bitten, Asher holds Cassie back to stop her running at Si, and as they get chased, Asher has an idea on how to escape their pursuers when they reach the kitchen. They reach a large food locker but the door is locked, however Asher can hear people inside, so he bangs on the door telling them to open it for them. He eventually persuades them and they escape inside safely. He is horrified when he sees that Mr and Mrs Aaronson are there, before trying to console Cassie about Si.

3 weeks would then pass and the survivors come out of the food locker, reaching the foyer again. Asher asks if they can take on the zombies in the foyer, and Cassie angrily says they can. When they barricade the front doors, they start to clear out the hotel, and Asher is later seen with Tynan shoving bodies down a laundry chute whilst racing cleaning carts they are using to ferry the bodies. After the chute is full, the two celebrate finishing but then Cassie appears and berates them, telling them to burn the bodies instead, to prevent disease spreading from the dead bodies. After the two finish moving the bodies again, Asher is then seen in one of the offices, where he spots a broken radio. After inspecting it, he shouts that he might be able to fix it, if they can get the parts, but no-one is there. He hears noise from a staff room but when he checks it, he finds Mr and Mrs Aaronson having sex, and he quickly closes the door again, traumatised.

He is next seen on the roof with Cassie, Tynan and Dave, who is recording the zombies outside. They've spelt out "HELP US ESCAPE DEAD ISLAND" using junk, and Cassie asks Asher if he can really fix the radio. He replies that he's pretty sure, and he saw a radio shop in town where he can get the parts he needs. A montage would then occur of the three making weapons and armour for their trip out of the hotel. Asher mentions that the electric Katana that Tynan makes is "dangerously unsafe", but Tynan tells them that they're just jealous. Asher would make a BBQ blade before failing to make another weapon. Once the montage is over, they would then be seen outside the hotel wearing makeshift armour and carrying their weapons. Asher's armour is covered in spikes, which the others think is too much, despite Asher's defence of it when he curls into a ball, the spikes pointing outwards. The others get into a shouting match and Asher just manages to get them to notice the horde of zombies approaching, breaking them up. After the others kill the zombies, Asher compliments Cassie's killing, annoying Tynan who angrily asks why Asher hasn't killed anything yet. He replies that he doesn't feel right about killing the zombies, so Tynan throws a head at him, which impales itself on his spikes. They're then spotted by zombies on segways, and at first the group run away, terrified, before finding out they're much faster, so they continue walking until they find an ice-cream truck, which still has the keys, so they drive it back to the Hotel.

Once there, they modify it with defences and Asher rewires the radio. They all then drive it to town, where Asher's rewiring is revealed to blast loud music from the outside speakers. Tynan drives whilst Asher is in the passenger's seat, eating an ice cream before hitting a switch on the dashboard which has two chainsaws come out from the front of the truck, cutting down zombies. After arriving at the electronics shop, Cassie is ready to go with Asher inside whilst Tynan keeps guard as she doesn't want Asher killed whilst Tynan is messing around, which is how Si was infected, which annoys him so he asks who Asher wants going with him. Without hesitation, he replies with Cassie, which he reasons based on her fighting prowess, but Tynan is still annoyed. After getting the parts, the three leave back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel, Asher fixes the radio but gets no response, though will keep trying to get a reply from someone. In a subsequent montage of the survivors finding entertainment, Asher is seen with Tynan and Cassie as they roll propane tanks towards zombies and detonate them, drinking in deck chairs on top of a truck as they do so, and at the end of the montage, the three of them are on the roof of the hotel, smoking weed and drinking. After this, he and Cassie are seen at the Banoi Aquarium, ready to see the dolphin, though Asher mentions that he thinks its name, Dolphiny McDolphinface, is a stupid name. After they reach the dolphin, however, they find it very sick due to being stuck in its pool for a month, but Asher has an idea to open its gate to the sea, setting it free. He renames the dolphin to Dolphin Ludgren after they free it before returning to the hotel.

That night, Asher is with Tynan in his "man cave", along with Si, who Tynan presumably revealed to Asher at some point, watching TV when Cassie appears. Asher tries to act cool but Cassie angrily shouts at Tynan whilst trying to reach Si to kill him. Asher tries to break it up but because of this, they all miss Si breaking free of his restraints and attacking Asher, biting him. After they restrain Si again, Cassie gives the machete to Tynan, as she thinks he should be the one to kill Asher, as it's his fault he was bitten. After they talk, Tynan makes a bad jokes as he's about to kill Asher, only to realise he's not showing signs of turning into a zombie, something usually shown as maniacal laughter, which Asher is not doing. Tynan tells Cassie that Asher is likely immune, so they could possibly use him to make a cure for Si.

That night, the survivors are having a karaoke night on the ground floor, and Asher is laughing and clapping along with the others. They are interrupted by the arrival of Jonathan Locke, Maxim Locke, Jerrika and Elwood, and a standoff between the two groups occurs. After Tynan antagonises the new group, Jonathan threatens to kill him, though Asher pleads him not to. After Cassie makes a deal with the group, the next day Asher and Tynan are seen in the foyer washing off their graffiti, and Asher defends Cassie's deal where the new group get the penthouse of the hotel whilst the others have the lower floors, before they are interrupted by the arrival of Jonathan, Maxim and Elwood. Maxim throws an apple at the wall where Asher just cleaned before they walk off, laughing.

Later, Asher bumps into Cassie in one of the hallways after he spot Jerrika in one of the rooms, and Asher is shy to go and talk to her. Cassie gives him a pep talk and he starts talking to her, giving her comfort when she starts to break down. They are interrupted, however, when the radio goes off and Dr. Kessler starts speaking. After they listen to Kessler, Asher reveals he's immune and Kessler gives them instructions on how to reach him. That night, Asher is kidnapped by Jonathan, Maxim and Elwood, who plan to force Kessler to make a vaccine from Asher and sell it to become rich. They kidnap him and steal the ice cream van from the survivors before Jonathan lets the zombies into the hotel in the hopes they kill the remaining survivors to prevent them following them.

Later that day, Jerrika is giving Asher water whilst his gag is removed, and when she asks how he is, he responds sarcastically. Elwood struggles to drive the van, something that Asher mentions only Tynan could really handle, before it crashes off the road. Asher is unharmed and dragged away by Maxim before they all continue on foot to Kessler's lab, with Jonathan leaving the trapped Elwood to be eaten by zombies by leaving the loud music on. Upon reaching the lab, Kessler is forced to strap Asher to a blood drawing table and is taking out his blood to create a cure. When Tynan, Cassie and Si are tricked by Jonathan and left to be eaten by zombies inside the biosphere, Asher is forced to watch them on a CCTV monitor and Asher angrily snaps at Jerrika when she apologises to him. When Asher sees his friends at the door to the lab, struggling desperately to get in, he notices the door control near to Jerrika, and he motions to her to open it for them, as discretely as he can. After doing so, Jonathan is enraged and shoots at them, with Jerrika diving next to the table with Asher on, pulling it over and starting to undo his restraints.

After Cassie, Tynan and Si get in, Asher and Jerrika close the door to prevent zombies getting in whilst Maxim and Jonathan escape with the cure, though Kessler is bitten by zombies who managed to get in. When Kessler talks about a boat with a broken engine, Asher says he can fix it, and they can escape, before they leave Kessler to turn, with Cassie promising to return with a cure for him. As they chase Jonathan and Maxim, they find an undead Jonathan with the cure, having unbeknownst to them been ambushed by Elwood, who took his revenge. Cassie kills him but is bitten by Si. Tynan tells Asher and Jerrika to get to the dock and fix the boat, they will join them shortly.

Asher and Jerrika reach the boat and share a moment as Asher fixes the engine and pulls the starter cord, turning it on. However, Maxim bursts from the water and kills Jerrika, mistaking her for a zombie due to him ingesting something in Kessler's lab that drugged him. He then pushes Asher into the water, thinking he's also a zombie, before stealing the boat. Despondent, Asher treads water and forlornly swims after Maxim before Dolphin Ludgren appears and pulls him towards the boat. Asher grabs a spear gun dart and, leaping out of the water on the dolphin, throws it at Maxim and knocks him off the boat before landing back in the water and climbing onto the boat. He steers it back to land, and unknowingly kills Maxim when his hair is sucked into the propeller. He sees Tynan, Cassie and Si at the dock, with Cassie returning to a human again, and comes in to dock. When Cassie asks about Jerrika, Asher replies that she didn't make it, before they all escape on the boat.

Out on the water, Asher is bitten by a snake that got on board, and Tynan decides to suck out the venom from the bite, to the amusement of Cassie and the embarrassment of Asher. Cassie reveals that it was a non-venomous snake and they all laugh, as the screen would fade away, only to reappear with the words "DAYS LATER", as they're adrift with no supplies or fuel. A bird appears and the three of them spot an island in the distance, which is Palanai, which is then revealed to be overthrown by the zombies as well.


Asher's description is never described in detail, however he is described as 'big-boned and skittish looking.' However, he wears several different attires as the script progresses, including a Hotel uniform whilst working there. His other attires are never described, though when venturing to town, he, along with Cassie and Tynan, are described wearing 'MAKESHIFT ARMOR', and they look like 'crazy, colorful young Mad Max extras', with his own armour being described as covered in spikes.


  • He is the only one of the group to not fight Boris Popov when he is encountered as a zombie.
  • He appears to be the smartest of the group, with the ability to fix electrical objects and some mechanical ones, as well as having practical skills such as welding.