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Artist Requests is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It it a response from SoLA to the management team for the band Decapitize about some requests they submitted.


On a bed inside The Throat yurt in the Eco Zone of SoLA. After gaining access to the area, head towards the gate to the Eco Zone VIP area and find the yurt to the side of it called The Throat. After gaining entrance, the collectible is in the left bedroom laying on the bed.


Dear Tour Management Team,

Unfortunately, we have not been able to fulfill some of the requests your recently made on behalf of Decapitize.

We are unable to provide the following:

  • 300 chocolate raisins with the raisin removed.
  • A live cougar.
  • An ice sculpture of Rikky Rex cutting off a basilisk's head.
  • "Some belly dancers."
  • A young sapling no less than four feet but no higher than six feet.

However, we are able to provide the following requests:

  • Bacon every 30 minutes.
  • A selection of alcoholic beverages (we hope the band will agree that the amount provided constitutes a "shit ton")
  • Lavender-scented candles.
  • An exact replica poker table from the 1974 romantic comedy "The Card Counter's Crush".
  • The contact details of a "rock-friendly" lawyer.

SoLA Act Liason Team