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Arena C is one of the four arenas introduced in the Bloodbath Arena DLC for Dead Island. It is the hard difficult arena.

Arena area[]

This arena takes place in a swamp in the Jungle, with a shallow stream running through it. This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, arena. The whole area is covered in tall grass and foliage, making the zombies nearly impossible to see until they're right on top of you. There are some small, wrecked, canoe-type boats dotted around the area as well as the remnants of some wooden duckboards for movement through the swamp. There area some wooden lookouts or guard towers around the area, but sadly they have no ladders or any way of getting into them. There's a small workbench area for repairs which is the only metal structure in the area. Outside the area, however, is what looks like an airfield, with some more guard towers and a corrugated metal hanger for aircraft. You can't access this area, however, as it is cut off by an electrified fence, topped with barbed wire. Like all the arenas, there is a workbench for repairs, upgrading, and creating as well as explosive barrels dotted around.

Zombie types[]

Strategy and tips[]

  • The red explosive barrels won't respawn, so use them wisely.
  • Like all arenas, take your best weapons and lots of medkits.
  • This is the only arena where Rams spawn
  • You can use the Suiciders as mobile bombs. If you have a gun, you can wait for them to get into a crowd of zombies and then shoot them for some easy kills.
  • You can use the electric fence to your advantage to cause electric damage to zombies by kicking them into it.
  • Suiciders are awkward and often fall down from a staircase or some ridge and explode, causing damage to nearby zombies and assisting the players.



  • This is the only arena where the Ram appears in.
    • This is probably due to how big and open this arenas map is compared to the others.