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Arena A is one of the four arenas introduced in the Bloodbath Arena DLC for Dead Island. It is the easy difficulty arena.

Arena area[]

The arena takes place in a cave, with a central death pit and a narrow pathway around the edges. There are some alcoves with rock formations where zombies spawn at the beginning of each wave. Two waterfalls pour down into the death pit. There's a narrow natural bridge which can be used to cross the death pit, but if you get cornered on it there's no escape other than fighting your way out. There's another, more dangerous bridge which has got a break in the middle, risking death if you fail to make the jump. There's also a raised slope near the arena entrance that can be used to funnel all the zombies in front of you for an easy killing field. Like all the arenas, there is a workbench for repairs, upgrading and creating as well as explosive barrels dotted around.

Zombie types[]

Strategy and tips[]

  • The red explosive barrels won't respawn, so use them wisely.
  • Like all arenas, take your best weapons and lots of medkits.
  • You can use the Suiciders as mobile bombs. If you have a gun, you can wait for them to get into a crowd of zombies and then shoot them for some easy kills.
  • You can kick zombies down the death pit for an easy kill.
  • If you sit on the slope near the entrance, all the zombies except for Infected will have to use the ramp to get to you, making it an easy way of funnelling them into a killing field, especially with more than one player.
  • Suiciders are awkward and often fall down from a staircase or some ridge and explode, causing damage to nearby zombies and assisting the players.


When you enter this arena, there will be a ramp to your left leading up to a drop-off overlooking the work bench, ahead and slightly to the left. To the right you will be staring almost direct down the walkway/bridge leading to the other side of the arena over the chasm. For the first 10 waves this trick will not help you very much as the zombies pretty much spawn anywhere you're not. However, after wave ten, if you are standing on the very top, flat surface of the ramp, the zombies will almost always spawn behind some rocks at the end of the bridge. That alone is helpful, having knowledge of where they're going to spawn every time, but that is not all. If you pay close attention, when you are standing on the flat spot, nearly all of your enemies turn around and head back to their spawn point. The exceptions to this are Suiciders and your fast movers: Butchers and the Infected. It does still work for every single other type of enemy on this level. It can be used as a type of "On/Off" switch to control the flow of enemies and hordes travelling across the bridge will often knock each other off the edge when turning around, making it easy to advance through waves without much effort. Using this technique, all wave related trophies/achievements become exceptionally easy to accomplish.


  • The Tesla Bomb Knife Mod is found here, to the left of the entrance and all the way past the workbench and a little further.
  • The Royal Palms Resort and the Lighthouse can be seen from here if looking over the view of the ocean on the other side of the bridge.