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Antidote is a hard difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Rose in Dead Island: Riptide.


Find the medicine to help Rose with her illness.


  • Talk to Rose to start the quest. She is at the Halai Village safe house, which is accessible after completing the main quest Where the Dead Live.
  • She's curled up on a mattress in pain inside the safe house. She needs medicine to help her stomach pain. She suggests checking a medical house in Halai for it.
  • The place is out in the bay, accessible from the long boardwalk that leads out. You can see it from the safe house.
  • Exit the safe house and stick close to the water. That way you avoid most of the zombies further into the village, and the Infected spawners that spawn constant Infected to harass you.
  • After sticking to the water, get up onto the walkway to continue. There'll be some Walkers and Infected down here, but they're easy enough to deal with.
  • Once you reach the end of the walkway, you'll find a collection of huts. The one at the back is actually a dead zone, the Ocean View Bungalows. This is the medical centre Rose was directing you to.
  • There's a small room before the dead zone which has a workbench inside it, so you can repair your weapons before you enter it.
  • Enter the dead zone. It's full of zombies, including the boss zombie Eduardo "Quickdeath" Petoia, a toxic large Infected. See his dedicated page for strategies and notes.
  • Clear out the smaller zombies with him before taking him out. There's a lot of Infected here, so kill them first, then kill the Walkers with them. That way you can get Quickdeath alone.
  • You don't need to kill Quickdeath to find the antidote, but it will make it a lot easier if you do.
  • The Infected at the dead zone were all 'Infected Doctors'. One of these has the antidote on them, so check each body until you find the antidote.
  • Once you have it, exit the dead zone and return to Rose. All the zombies outside will have respawned, so be ready to fight as soon as you load out of the dead zone.
  • Talk to Rose to hand over the medicine and finish the quest.


  • While travelling to the dead zone, you can find Kitty stuck on a platform, starting the civilian rescue quest Rescue Kitty.
  • There's some rare modification parts at the dead zone, so loot them.
  • There's also several metal chests here.
  • Later on, if you return to the safe house, Rose can be found walking around, the medicine having cured her. She doesn't give out an extra reward, however.