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An Old Friend is a side quest that was cut from Dead Island: Riptide. It was to have been given to the Heroes by John Sinamoi in the Japanese Tunnels, however it was ultimately cut before the final release. Little information is found, with just the name, task, quest giver and reward being found in the game files, however these give enough of an idea to understand the basic structure of the quest.


Help escort Sinamoi to an unknown location in the Japanese Tunnels.


  • At some point whilst traversing the tunnels, most likely whilst completing the main quest The Tunnels, you would encounter Sinamoi. The nature of his appearance and where it would have been is unknown, so it may have been that he needed rescuing from Zombies or he could have just been in a safe place.
  • Talking to Sinamoi, he would ask you to protect him as he makes his way to a place in the tunnels. This location is likewise unknown, and his dialogue up to this point is not found in the files. He may have explained how he arrived on Palanai Island and became stuck in the tunnels or he may not have done.
  • Either way, Sinamoi would then need escorting through the tunnels to his destination. What happens during this or if zombies spawn specifically during this quest is again unknown, but all that is known is that Sinamoi needs protecting until he reaches his destination.
  • Upon reaching it, Sinamoi would likely thank the Heroes for their help before giving out his rewards. Sinamoi, much like other survivors, would then remain at this destination until the Heroes get too far away, at which point he would despawn.


  • Had the quest been in the game, it would have rewarded the player with the Razor Mod. Due to it being eventually cut, the Razor Mod was instead placed in the Catacombs of The Fort of Henderson much later in the game.


  • The only information found on this quest is in the game files under the header "bs_tunnels_side_quest", which contains the remnants of the quest up until it was cut.