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Now you see me, now you're dead! Again.
— Amy

Amy is one of the six slayers featured in Dead Island 2. She is a Paralympian who became trapped in Los Angeles, California during the outbreak. She wants to escape Los Angeles to participate in the National trials for the paralympic team, which was supposed to take place a week after the start of the game.


Amy is a quick-witted Paralympian who has found something even better than her runner’s high: zombie-slaying! The risks keep her wired, the success keeps her pumped, and every battle is almost a puzzle to solve on the fly – like an obstacle course to keep her mind sharp. Laid-back, focused, and calm, very little can dent her California chill.
— Her description from the Dead Island website


Amy is a young Asian woman with black hair done up in a pair of space buns. She wears a red sports top with a fox head on the left side with fish-netting over the top, black and red jogging pants and black sneakers. She has a prosthetic right leg which is patterned with the American flag. She has bandages on her left wrist and lower left arm which hides her zombie bite.

Currently there are four available skins for Amy:

  • Valkov Sprint (Default Outfit)
  • The Neurunner (Hell-A Catwalk Collection)
  • Giallo Interface (From Dusk Collection)
  • Valkov Sunrise (Til' Dawn Collection)


Amy has two innate skills:

Other unique skills to Amy are:


  • Amy has a twin sister, whose name is Jenny. They are considered to be the dynamic duo by Jacob if you play in co-op.
    • Amy wears half of a puzzle piece necklace around her neck. Jenny wears the other part[1].
    • Jenny can play the piano.
    • When they were teenagers, Jenny was too scared to ask out a boy she liked. Instead of helping her out, Amy asked him instead, even though she didn't like him. This broke Jenny, and Amy has regretted it since.
  • When she was a child, she played cards with her grandma for quarters, and used to cheat to win.
  • Amy lost her right leg in an unspecified accident when she was younger[2].
  • In the quest Michael Anders and the Holy Grail, it was implied that she's might be scared of spiders.
  • On the slayer tarot cards included with the Hell-A edition of Dead Island 2, Amy is depicted as Strength.
  • Amy is the second Asian playable character in the series, with the first being Xian Mei who is of Chinese origin. While Amy's origin is unknown, she's possibly of either Thai Japanese or Chinese descent, The possibility of Amy being either Filipino or Korean is also to be considered.
  • Amy was the second slayer to receive a 'meet the slayer' video, after Jacob.
  • The original face of Amy was captured from Thai actress, Primmy Wipawee Patnasiri[3]
  • Amy is the first amputee protagonist in a Dead Island Game.
  • During the opening, Amy seems to be the only one who realizes Ryan isn't a real firefighter.
  • Amy wanted to enter a competition for paralympic games, but the player never gets any quest to see if the sports are still going on.
  • The trailer of the canceled Dead Island 2 from 2014 featured an athlete runner who was bitten and eventually turned into a zombie. Amy is a professional runner and is immune to the virus.
  • Official art shows Amy at a diner drinking a chocolate milkshake which means it might be her favorite drink.
  • Amy tells a guard in the opening of Dead Island 2 that she came from Long Beach. This area cannot be accessed in the actual game.
  • Her character is similar to Logan Carter from the original Dead Island. Both are athletes who had a leg injury stuck in a zombie apocalypse. However, Logan ruined his career and let himself go, while Amy thrives to be better and win.
  • There is a tarot card featuring Amy killing a zombie who is apart of the Bobcats group. It is unknown if that zombie is Rav, Bozzy, or another member of the group the player hasn't met yet.
  • Amy never says her quote from the character selection menu in the actual game.
  • She likes to describe herself as a winner and often calls people standing in her way losers or cheaters.
  • During the plane crash, Amy gets annoyed at Emma Jaunt for leaving and hopes she gets eaten. There are many times where Emma almost gets bit or eaten, but she lives and escapes in the end.
  • At the end of the game trailer, her figure was seen, along with Dani killing an infected. Where Jacob waves at them.
  • She likes bubblegum.



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