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Amanda Styles was an influencer living in Los Angeles. She is a survivor featured in Dead Island 2, giving three side quests to the slayer. Following her death and zombification, she becomes a Runner.


Amanda is a young woman with reddish-brown hair. She wears a pale pink tank top with illegible white text, a black camera on her left shoulder, denim shorts and white sneakers. She also wears several string necklaces and a pair of white sunglasses on her head.


Amanda was a social media influencer living in Los Angeles prior to the zombie outbreak. First encountered by the slayer on the roof of the GOAT Pen in Bel-Air, she assigned the slayer the side quest "#Clickbait," in which the slayer was tasked with battling zombies while she recorded them for social media content. Satisfied with the footage, Amanda moved into actress Emma Jaunt's mansion.

Amanda gave a second side quest to the slayer on the Santa Monica pier. During the quest "Like and Follow!," she recorded another video of the slayer as they battled zombies in different locations across the pier. Upon completion of the quest, Amanda relocated to the beach's lifeguard post.

After the slayer successfully transported Emma out of the city, Amanda assigned a third and final side quest to the slayer in Hollywood Boulevard. During the quest "Going Viral," Amanda, revealing she was bitten and about to die, recorded a final video of the Slayer, this time battling various celebrities who have transformed into Apex-variant zombies. While the Slayer killed each celebrity, Amanda herself succumbed to the disease and transformed into a Runner, which the Slayer eventually killed. Her final video was posthumously uploaded to social media.


  • She has a restraining order from entering any Burger 66 in the country as a result of her joke videos, as mentioned in RE: The Amanda Styles Incident.
  • She considers the Slayers to be her best friends and always calls them "Bestie".
  • It is never explained how Amanda made it to the Santa Monica Pier by herself. It is possible that she secretly followed the Slayers through the sewer tunnels.
  • The GOAT Pen Members never invited her to their party despite being friends with her. This implies that they didn't like hanging out with her.
  • Amanda shares her first name with Amanda from Dead Island and Amanda from Dead Island: Riptide.
  • She is the owner and possible creator of the modified nightstick, Zom-B-Gone, which she bequeaths to the Slayer when she dies. How much she used it is unknown.
  • One of the lines she says in the side quest "Take off some zombie heads!" is "ARE YA WINNING, BESTIE?" in reference to the popular internet meme "Are ya winning son?"