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Alex Nguyen is a survivor featured in Dead Island 2.


He can be found at the Blue Crab Grill in Venice Beach. Alex was working hard getting ready for the strong man competition, but it all got ruined when the zombie apocalypse started. After losing his gym buddies Moose and Dillon, Alex became trapped with his other friends Trent, Kai, and Bud at a popular restaurant called the Blue Crab Grill, where Kai also worked at. He is always seen working out or panicking that his undead friends Moose and Dillon will come back and kill him.


Alex is a young man with black hair shaved into a dyed blonde mohawk and a small beard. He wears a pink tank top with purple smears and the text "LIFT, WEAR" on the front, blue gym shorts, and black, white, and leopard print running shoes.


  • Alex shares his surname Nguyen with Doctor Nguyen from Dead Island and Richard Nguyen from the Dead Island Comics. It is unknown if they are all related to each other, or if it is just a reference.
  • Alex shares his first name with Alex from Dead Island: Riptide.
  • He didn't get along with Bud.
  • He had a girlfriend who liked having sex during earthquakes. It's unknown if she is alive or was even in Hell-A.
  • Visible on his back are large patches of acne, which is a known side-effect of constant anabolic steroid use, commonly observed on professional bodybuilders to rapidly boost muscle growth.