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For the survivor with the same name in Dead Island 2, see Alex Nguyen.

Alex is a survivor in Dead Island: Riptide. He is found on top of a food services trailer in Henderson near Henderson Military Base, just north of the entrance to the Dead Zone Geoffrey Nape’s Warehouse. When initially encountered, Alex is being besieged by zombies, giving the Hero the side quest Rescue Alex to save him from the zombies. Once rescued, Alex becomes a merchant and remains at his location for the rest of the game.


Alex is a middle aged man with short brown hair and slight stubble. He wears an off-yellow patterned shirt, light blue shorts held by a brown belt, and grey and white sneakers. He also wears a small light blue sling with two pouches around his waist.


Alex offers a variety of weapons, thrown weapons, crafting supplies, and ammunition for sale. Most importantly, Alex sells several Modification Blueprints that are not available anywhere else, making him an important merchant to initially find. However, Alex sells items for 10% more than standard prices. As such, most players should avoid buying items from him that can be found or purchased elsewhere.

Note: Except for throwing knives, ammunition, and modification blueprints, all of the possible items in Alex's stock are not guaranteed to appear.







  • Alex is the only Rescue Quest character who doesn't disappear when leaving and re-entering the area he's in.