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Alcohol is a consumable item. It can be found throughout Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide.

Alcohol is one of the most common items in the game and can be found almost anywhere. It is used in several quests, and when two bottles are combined with a rag, it can be used to create Molotov cocktails (provided you have the Molotov Blueprint).

When it is consumed, alcohol will intoxicate the Hero and blur their vision. While drunk, the Hero will sway left and right, and cannot run in a straight line. If consumed back to back for around five bottles, then it will cause the character to fall over and become incapacitated for a short period, this also heals the character during this period.


Confirmed Locations[]

  • Multiple bottles can be found in the resort area, in the bars and bungalows.
  • Three bottles can be found in the city of Moresby, in one of the stores near the Warehouse.
  • Up to three bottles can be found in the Mayor's room in City hall.
  • Ten bottles can be found in the Hotel in the bar.

Some Helpful Tips[]

  • The Hotel is a great place to find, knowing this you can get a abundance of it here, the alcohol respawns when you leave the hotel and re-enter the building, take note that this is a great way to get a little bit of Cash for lower level players, using the "Death in the Glass" mission, you can trade 3 alcohol instead of 5, for a Molotov Cocktail instead of the usual 5 alcohol for one Molotov Cocktail in the now redundant "Fiery Drinks" Mission, while selling a Molotov Cocktail can be sold for a bit of cash, you might not want to sell them, because they can cause a lot of damage, and it doesn't cost you anything, now, if you were to wait and level up a lot, you can sell them for much more, but, I am not sure for how much, most likely it won't give you much.
  • The method given earlier can let you get 10 alcohol bottles a visit, and by leaving and re-entering the building and running to the 10 bottles, for 3 visits giving you 30 alcohol, it means you can trade these 30 alcohol for 10 Molotov Cocktails, spending 5 full minutes gathering alcohol with this method can let you gather almost over 600 alcohol, 600/3=200, meaning you can get 200 Molotov Cocktails for 5 minutes of gathering alcohol.


  • Zombies will sometimes have alcohol to loot when you kill them.
  • If the use key is held for too long when a character picks up a bottle of alcohol, it will replace the weapon in the current slot instead of only being placed in the inventory. If this goes unnoticed, the next attempt to strike a zombie will instead make the character take a swig and get drunk. Even worse, while wielding a bottle of alcohol in one hand, every kick attack will automatically be followed by another swig, which will incapacitate the character in short order (see below).
  • Drinking alcohol mostly benefits Logan Carter. Drinking increases Logan's damage and health regeneration rate, if a certain skill is upgraded beforehand.
  • Drinking 5 bottles in a row (tested on all characters) causes your character to fall down right after the fifth one. This heals your character but can be extremely dangerous during a fight, make sure that you keep track of the amount your character consumes.
  • Drinking bottles of alcohol constantly (tested on all characters), provided the player has collected a wide amount, will keep decreasing your character's health even when you've fallen down, eventually killing you in the process.
  • The bottle itself is a reference to Jack Daniel's "Old Time, Old No. 7" Whiskey.
  • The bottle says "Tomas Sparrow" and something undecipherable under it. "WROCŁAW" city in Poland.
  • The fountain servers at the bar read, "Carcass Lager Ale".
  • The alcohol dispensers at the bar are called "DeadIslander"
  • At the opening party of the game the Drunken Guest was seen drinking a few bottles of alcohol until he passes out in his hotel room at the end.