Dead Island achievement/trophy
"Ah! Spoiled meat!"
Kill a Butcher using an axe.
Points 10 Game points
Trophy Trophy bronze

"Ah! Spoiled meat!" is one of the Achievements and Trophies available in Dead Island.

To earn this Achievement/Trophy, the players must kill a Butcher using an axe.


  • The Butcher will try to cut the player with his jagged arm bones, so it's recommended to find an axe and take him down quickly with a good blow in the head. The axes tend to have a bigger reach then most weapons, so climbing onto something and killing the Butcher that way could be a possibility.
  • Also, as long as the final killing blow is with an axe, the player can take off the Butcher's health with any combination of weapons and/or kicks.


  • The name of this Achievement/Trophy refers to a phrase from the Diablo game series, "Ah! Fresh meat!" as uttered by a demon called the Butcher. When slain, it drops its cleaver, which is an axe weapon.