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Time to die!
— Afran, telling the Heroes that they are going to die fighting him, before ironically being killed.

Afran is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


Afran serves as the secondary antagonist. He is located in the Mingende Jungle of Banoi Island. He was a jungle warlord commanding several dozen armed soldiers, and the arch-rival of Matutero of the River Village. During the infection, Afran and his men used the opportunity to attack the River Village and loot it of all weapons and supplies, as well as to steal the village's last functioning boat. He is the primary focus of the main quest Soldier of Fortune, in which the Hero must assault Afran's headquarters, kill him, and retrieve the stolen boat.

Afran has much more health than a standard human enemy (even more than the Thug), and also wears a suit of full body armor that significantly reduces the damage he takes from attacks and also renders him immune to headshots and dismemberment. An easy and efficient way of killing Afran is to stand on the steps leading to Afran, so you can only see his legs. He will not be able to shoot you and with a modded or uncommon gun, the player should do roughly 170 damage. Once you have killed him, you do not have to kill the remainder of his soldiers.


Afran is a middle aged man. He wears a pale green shirt, a bulletproof vest, black jeans held by a black belt with two more belts tied around his right calf, and black boots. He also wears a Swat helmet with the visor down, completely obscuring his face.

Afran's Level-to-Health scale[]

Afran Health
Level Health
1 3200
9 4000
16 5760
31 10400
40 12800
50 14400


  • Before the boathouse where Afran is located, directly in front of the player there should be three grenades next to a MedKit and some ammunition. It's advised to throw the grenades onto the balcony to kill Afran.
  • It would be wise to kill his soldiers before the player targets Afran, as the reinforced firepower makes him even more dangerous.
  • There are explosive barrels littered about on the balconies. It's advised to try shooting the barrels at their locations to ease Afran and his soldiers off. However, be aware that this won't always work.
  • It would be wise to bring at least three to five molotov cocktails for the fight against him.
  • ​​​​​If you travel to the bloodbath arena and get the poison bomb blueprint from arena C, they are very effective against Afran. One bomb is easily able to do 2,000+ damage per tick, causing his health to melt away to just a few rifle shots. It's a very easy way to nearly one shot kill him, perhaps even one shot kill at lower levels.


  • After death, if you try to dismember Afran, his limbs will remain. Yet, the limbs you attempted to dismember will spawn, despite his limbs still being there similar like Jason.
  • In some cases, the Hero will kill all of Afran's men, only for Afran to have disappeared. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the quest is finished. The Hero has to walk back to the beginning of his hideout. As you walk you will get shot at by two of his men. Upon turning and killing them, the Hero must kill all of his men and himself again.


  • Originally upon defeating Afran the player would be able to pick up his pistol called: "Afran's Sidearm" but this legendary weapon was cut and can only be obtained by modders.
  • Sometimes if you return to Afran's Camp, one of his soldiers will be still alive in one of the shacks and start firing at you.