"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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Act II is the second act of Dead Island. It primarily set in the city of Moresby, a heavily residential area of the island of Banoi. It is the first area where the Heroes encounter the Ram and Floater special infected types, human enemies, zombies with body armour and start using firearms more regularly.


The heroes and Jin arrive in Moresby near the church to find it being attacked by walkers and a Ram that were attracted to the church by the church bells. After killing these enemies and turning off the church bells. The heroes meet Mother Helen, a nun and leader of the survivors taking refuge in the church. Teresa informs them that supplies can be found in the supermarket but the water supply is not working. The heroes are sent to the water station to turn the water back on only to find it overtaken by human enemies. After killing the humans, they rescue two workers who were captured there. The workers tell them that 4 fire hydrants around the city are damaged and leaking water so the heroes go to fix them before returning to Teresa. Teresa sends one of the survivors with the heroes to show them a way through the sewers that leads to the supermarket. The sewers end up leading to the town hall where the heroes meet Mayor Todd Tanis. They are told by Tanis that they aren't willing to share their supplies and the heroes contemplate adopting the same kind of selfish everyman for themselves mentality. They tell Jin of this, who after being upset she couldn't save her father, threatens to take the armored truck for herself if the heroes don't keep their promise to supply Sinamoi with food. The heroes comply and head back through the sewers to the supermarket. After clearing out the human enemies who've taken over the supermarket, they load the truck up with supplies but notice that the town hall is being attacked. They leave Jin with the truck and head back to town hall to help but are too late. Zombies have killed everyone and Tanis has been infected and turned into a Thug. The heroes kill Tanis and take his universal key then head back to the church via the sewers. After arriving there, they encounter the survivor who led them to the sewers, now fatally wounded, and are told Jin tried to help the human enemies that have taken over the police station. The heroes rescue Jin and take the truck full of supplies back to Sinamoi.


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