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Killing a zombie triggers a CAUSTIC cloud.
— In-game Description

Acid Rain is a superior weapon perk featured in Dead Island 2. The perk causes zombies killed with the applied weapon to release clouds of caustic-x which inflicts caustic damage to nearby zombies. The perk requires the Liquidator Mod to be equipped in order to be slotted.


Acid Rain can be found in Beverly Hills. In the center of the map is a mansion that has been transformed into a military outpost. A named Runner called SSG. Hernandez can be found in and around the compound. Once killed he will drop the Biohazard Container Key. This key unlocks a lockbox located on the first floor of the home near the kitchen.


Supported Weapons[]

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  • Performing a counter or heavy attack with the acid rain perk equipped may cause the camera to move to an unexpected location. After the attack animation, the camera is returned to its normal location.