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A Wounded Crank is an easy difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Sam in Dead Island.


The Hero must give Sam either bandages or a first aid kit.


  • Sam is located in a bunker just next to the River Village.
  • Once at the River Village, head out the entrance you used to first enter the village with Jin, where the destroyed guard tower is.
  • Head down the road and look to your left. There'll be a toxic Infected who will see you and sprint to attack you.
  • Kill the Infected then head over to where he came from. You'll find a thin, hidden walkway next to the bunker. Follow it to the front of the bunker.
  • There's a pool with a lot of toxic chemicals spilled in it from some opened barrels. Do not enter the pool, as it will harm you from the toxic substances in it. However, this is easier said than done as there'll usually be some toxic Walkers and a Floater in it.
  • Use a firearm on the Floater if you can, while a fire weapon will come in very handy with this quest.
  • After they are both dead, head into the bunker via the metal door.
  • There'll be another toxic pool with some metal walkways over it, leading to the ladder up to the parapet.
  • Head across the walkway and use the ladder. Climb up to reach Sam.
  • Talk to Sam to start the quest. He'll explain that he was looking for a secret government radio station hidden in the jungle. However, he was hurt before reaching the bunker. He wants you to get him some bandages to help patch him up.
  • You'll probably have either some bandages or a medkit on your person by this point, so hand one over. The game will prioritise medkits, so it'll automatically take one of them if both are available.
  • Talk to Sam again to finish the quest, then loot the bunker.


  • You never find Sam again, so it's unknown what happens to him, as if you travel to the bunker again he will be missing.
  • The radio station he talks about might be the same one as the one you are sent to by Nick in his side quest Spy Game.
  • The game will always give Sam a medkit over a bandage if both are in your inventory.
  • Having a weapon with a fire mod will greatly help with this quest, as all the zombies you come against are toxic, making them highly susceptible to fire weapons.


  • The name of this quest is most likely quite literal. Wounded Sam, who needs bandages, is a conspiracy theorist and "crank", the dictionary definition of which is "an eccentric person, especially one who is obsessed by a particular subject or theory". Less likely is its possible reference to Jame Dashner's novel, The Scorch Trials, in which the antagonists are called Cranks. Cranks are a mixture of zombie and human.