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A Tough Nut to Crack is a side quest given to the Hero by Jared Miles in Dead Island. It can be found roughly one block to the west of the Sewer Entrance that Joseph led the player to -- or, in other words, near the water tower in the Old Town section of Moresby.


The Hero must help Jared Miles and his friend Thomas break into a weapons shop.


  • Talk to Jared to start the quest.
  • You'll have seen him trying to break into the weapon shop, but the door is closed tight. If you help them get in, you can have your pick of all the weapons in the shop.
  • To the right of the shop is a large metal garage door. Use that to enter the back of the shop.
  • Be ready to fight as soon as you spawn in, as there are two Walkers and a Thug who will immediately see you and head towards you.
  • Kill them both then loot the corpse of the Thug. He holds the key to the shop.
  • Go though the door at the end to see a short corridor with a metal shelf and another Walker. Kill the Walker, as it's facing away from you so it's easy meat, then use the door at the end of the corridor to enter the shop.
  • There's three Walkers pretending to be dead on the ground in the shop, as well as the barricade which is jamming the door closed.
  • Kill the Walkers while they're on the ground to save you some hassle, then remove the metal pipe jamming closed the door.
  • The door will automatically open, an alarm will go off and Jarred and Thomas will run inside.
  • There's five Walkers outside of the shop that you will have to kill, two to the left and three to the right.
  • When you have killed the last Walker, four Infected will spawn and jump over the wall in front of you. On the bright side, the alarm has stopped!
  • Kill the Infected then return to the shop.
  • Jarred will thank you for helping them and unlock the cabinet on the wall. This will end the quest and you can now get all the weapons from the cabinet.


  • You can find the Shock Shotgun Mod on a shelf when at the back of the shop, where you kill the singular Walker.
  • You can hit the zombies from inside the shop if you lure them to the window. You can hit them through the bars without needing to expose yourself.
    • This will also work with the Infected.
  • Closing the door to the store with the intention to protect Jared and Thomas has no effect - the zombies will actually teleport inside the store and start attacking the two men.
  • There's a metal chest at the bottom of the weapon cabinet once it's open.


  • Jared Miles and Thomas only appear upon reaching Act III, when the Hero returns to Moresby in order to get the boat supplies.
  • If the "abandoned house" is re-entered only the Walkers will respawn.
  • If the Hero returns later on there are only 6 items in the weapon locker (one is the weapon chest and one is a Pistol there are also 2 knives and 2 Machetes).
  • The Dead Island Strategy Guide omits this quest.