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$ir Treble is a named Firestorm Slobber featured in Dead Island 2. He was a rapper due to perform at the Romeros Award ceremony prior to being infected. He is first met by the Slayers during the side quest Going Viral, where he needs to be killed.

Prior to the outbreak, $ir Treble was likely a Hollywood rap star, creating a successful music career. He was hired to perform his song "Dead Day Come" at the award ceremony of the Romeros Awards, which coincided with the outbreak occurring. $ir Treble was infected and needs to be killed by the Slayers.


Like any Firestorm Slobber, $ir Treble will remain at range, if he can, and spew fireballs from his mouth. He is covered in fire and can create a pool of fire around him if he feels threatened.


$ir Treble is a large, bloated, highly burnt zombie with an enlarged gut. Most of the skin and muscle on his body has been removed, likely from the fire that coats his body, leaving just bloodied bones for his arms and legs. What remains of his outfit is a pair of damaged black shorts and a black puffer vest, plus the remains of a decorative chain around his neck.


  • Due to being a Firestorm Slobber, any normal Firestorm Slobber strategies will work on $ir Treble.
  • Unfortunately, he does not appear alone, as he always spawns alongside Amar Anand, an Inferno Crusher.
  • Targeting $ir Treble can make it easier to focus on Amar, however Amar himself makes focusing on $ir Treble difficult. As such, it's best to chose one of the two to go for.
  • He is weak to sharp, shock and bleed damage, so using a high damage sharp weapon with either an Electrocutor Mod or Puncturator Mod will quickly rack up damage on him.
  • Using an Auto Carbine with one of the aforementioned mods is the best way to deal damage to him from range, even though he is resistant to projectile damage by nature.
  • Using the Chem Bomb Curveball will extinguish him for a short while, and can be used to clear out any pools of fire near to him, allowing you to get in close with a melee weapon to deal good damage.
  • The Chem Bomb can also be used to clear up any pools of lingering fire that he spits at you, or remove the burning debuff they cause.
  • Due to his weakness to shock damage, using either the Electric Star or Electric Bomb curveball will deal heavy damage to him.
  • Like all Slobbers, he is slow to turn, so kiting him in circles will usually prevent him from being able to attack you.