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Kuru fever is an infectious neurodegenerative disease caused by a plague. The word Kuru is of indigenous origin and means "trembling with fever and cold", being one of the symptoms presented by the carriers of this disease.

This disease was first used in the 1950s in New Guinea. At first, we believe it is an inherited pathology as it accommodates the same tribe of natives in New Guinea. However, research by D. Carleton Gadjusek has elucidated a real etiology.

This practice tribe or cannibalism in celebrity rituals consumes the brains of deceased children in order to gain wisdom. This mode just bought a prion and, consequently, a Kuru fever.

Its development is slow, has an incubation period of almost 30 years. When symptoms manifest, the patient dies within 1 year. However, typically most patients die within 3 to 6 months.