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Dead Island[]

Dead Island
Nome Requerimentos. Pontos Trófeu Image
A taste of everything Kill a zombie with 10 different melee weapons. 25 Trophy bronze 9939CEA713B2F851B89FB3BDC1F6CEB7A89BD8E4
Ah! Spoiled meat!
Kill a Butcher using an axe. 10 Trophy bronze AhSpoiledMeat
Need a hand? Join another player's game. 10 Trophy bronze NeedAHand
People Person Play with 10 different co-op partners for at least 15 minutes each. 10 Trophy bronze PeoplePerson
Gesundheit! Heal yourself with a medkit 100 times. 10 Trophy bronze Gesundheit
Going steady Complete 25 quests while playing with at least one co-op partner. 25 Trophy bronze GoingSteady
Road Trip Drive a total distance of 10 kilometers. 10 Trophy bronze RoadTrip
Right 4 Life Complete Act I with 4 different characters. 30 Trophy silver Right4Life

Oh, no you don't!

Kill a Ram using tackle skill. 10

Trophy bronze

How many days exactly?
Play Dead Island at least 28 days after starting it for the first time. 10

Trophy bronze

Humanitarian Kill 50 human enemies. 15 Trophy bronze Humanitarian
Knock, knock Breach a locked door with the first blow. 15 Trophy bronze KnockKnock
Cardio Travel a distance of 20 kilometers on foot. 10 Trophy bronze Cardio
School of hard knocks Reach level 50. 30 Trophy silver SchoolOfHardKnocks
Warranty Void if Used Create a customized weapon. 10 Trophy bronze WarrantyVoidIfUsed
Gotta find'em all Find 60 collectibles. 20 Trophy bronze GottaFindEmAll
10 heads are better than 1 Kill 10 zombies in a row with headshots. 15 Trophy bronze 10HeadAreBetterThanOne
I want one of those Customize 25 weapons 30 Trophy silver IWantOneofThose
Can't touch this Use a hammer to kill a series of 15 zombies without taking damage. 20 Trophy bronze Canttouchthis
Steam Punk Create weapons to rival the gods of fire or thunder.


Trophy silver SteamPunk
Kill a Suicider with a grenade. 15

Trophy bronze

A very special day
Kill 250 zombies with modified weapons. 30

Trophy bronze

Rageman Kill 100 enemies with Fury attacks. 25 Trophy bronze Rageman
Ménage à trois Complete 5 quests with 3 co-op partners. 25 Trophy bronze Menageatrois
Tis but a flesh wound! Sever 100 limbs. 10 Trophy bronze TisButAFleshWound
Busy, busy, busy Finish 75 quests cumulatively. 60 Trophy silver BusyBusyBusy
Light my fire Set 10 zombies on fire simultaneously. 20 Trophy bronze LightMyFire
Learning the ropes Reach level 10. 10 Trophy bronze LearningTheRopes
Together in the light Complete 5 quests in a single co-op game with the same partners. 10 Trophy bronze TogetherInTheLight
Swing them sticks Kill 150 enemies using Analog Fighting controls. 25 Trophy silver SwingThemSticks
Save 5 people besieged by zombies. 20

Trophy bronze

Everybody lies
Use a large medkit to heal an injury of 5% or less. 20

Trophy bronze

Nearly there Find 120 collectibles. 25 Trophy bronze NearlyThere
There and back again Explore the entire island. 30 Trophy silver ThereAndBackAgain
Originality Play in a co-op team of 4 different playable characters. 10 Trophy bronze Originality
Catch! Kill an Infected with a grenade blast. 10 Trophy bronze Catch
Dedicated student Reach level 25 25 Trophy bronze DedicatedStudent
One is all I need Kill 5 Infected in a row with a single blow. 20 Trophy bronze OneisallIneed
To put it bluntly Kill 250 zombies using blunt melee weapons. 25 Trophy bronze ToPutItBluntly
Karma-geddon Kill 50 zombies using a vehicle. 15 Trophy bronze Karmageddon
Tae Kwon Leap Kill 25 zombies with your bare fists 25 Trophy bronze TaeKwonLeap
Hack & Slash Kill 250 zombies using edged melee weapons 25 Trophy bronze HackandSlash
Guns don't kill but they help Kill 250 zombies using firearms. 25 Trophy bronze GunsDontKill
Hell in paradise
Complete Act I. 30

Trophy silver

No raccoons in here
Complete Act II. 30

Trophy silver

King of the jungle
Complete Act III. 30

Trophy silver

Banoi Redemption
Complete Act IV. 30

Trophy silver

Rootin' Tootin' Lootin' Loot 5 Exceptional Weapons 30

Trophy gold

The Whole World Went Away Collect all other trophies. None


Bloodbath Arena DLC
Name Requirement. Points Trophy Image
Wave and smile Play any Arena in co-op. 10 Trophy bronze WaveAndSmile
Extreme Firefighting Set 5 enemies on fire and then kill them with explosives. 25 Trophy silver ExtremeFirefighting
Out of honey? Chew bees! Survive 5 waves using only your fists and legs. 25 Trophy bronze OutOfHoneyChewBees
Complete a Set Kill enemies of 6 different types during a single round. 15 Trophy bronze CompleteASet
Looking for trouble Survive 5 waves in each of the 4 Arenas. 15 Trophy bronze LookingForTrouble
Stick it to the enemy Survive 15 consecutive waves using the analog combat controls. 30 Trophy bronze StickItToTheEnemy
Gladiator School Survive 15 consecutive waves with each of the 4 characters. 25 Trophy bronze GladiatorSchool
Fancy Survive 10 consecutive waves using only custom weapons. 25 Trophy bronze Fancy
Morituri te salutant Survive 30 consecutive waves with at least one co-op player. 30 Trophy silver MorituriTeSalutant
Death Incarnate Survive wave 30. 50 Trophy silver DeathIncarnate

Dead Island Riptide[]

Dead Island Riptide
Name Requirement. Points Trophy Image
The Whole World Went Away Collect all other trophies Platinumtrophy TheWorldWent
Achiever Finish all quests in the game 100 Trophy gold Achiever
Mystery Solved Find all the secret files 15 Trophy bronze Riptide-Achievement-MysterySolved
Obtain level 50 Obtain level 50 30 Trophy silver Riptide-Achievement-ObtainLevel50
Obtain level 70 Obtain level 70 90 Trophy gold Riptide-Achievement-ObtainLevel70
Siege Hammer Install a total of 5 barricades during hub defense 15 Trophy bronze Riptide-Achievement-SiegeHammer
Dream Team Complete all the main quests cooperatively with any number of partners 15 Trophy bronze Riptide-Achievement-DreamTeam
The Collector Find 50% of collectibles 15 Trophy bronze Riptide-Achievement-TheCollector
The Hoarder Find all collectibles 30 Trophy silver Riptide-Achievement-TheHoarder
Professional Tourist Find all pages from the guide book 30 Trophy silver Riptide-Achievement-ProfessionalTourist
Twins Kill the Twins 30 Trophy silver Riptide-Achievement-Twins
News junkie Find all the volunteer's voice recordings 30 Trophy silver Riptide-Achievement-NewsJunkie
At Your Service Rescue 20 NPCs that have been grabbed by monsters 15 Trophy bronze Riptide-Achievement-AtYourService
The Hurt Mine Locker Kill 10 monsters with one mine 15 Trophy bronze Riptide-Achievement-TheHurtMineLocker
Hurler Kill 100 monsters with thrown melee weapons 15 Trophy bronze Riptide-Achievement-Hurler
BrainLess Kill 50 monsters by smashing, decapitating or shooting them in the head 15 Trophy bronze Riptide-Achievement-Brainless
Bully Kill 100 monsters with a kick 15 Trophy bronze Riptide-Achievement-Bully
Jetboat Kill 100 monsters using the boat's speed boost 90 Trophy gold Riptide-Achievement-Jetboat
Juggernaut Kill 100 enemies using charge attacks 15 Trophy bronze Riptide-Achievement-Juggernaut
Better than the arm Kill 25 monsters with a chainsaw 30 Trophy silver Riptide-Achievement-BetterThanTheArm
It's an Order Mark 100 opponents which were then killed by your co-op partners 15 Trophy bronze Riptide-Achievement-ItsAnOrder
King among Kings Kill special enemies: Grenadier, Thug, Wrestler, Infected, Suicider, Screamer, Butcher, Floater. 30 Trophy silver Riptide-Achievement-KingAmongKings
Hunter-Seeker Find and kill all named champion monsters located in dead zones 90 Trophy gold Riptide-Achievement-HunterSeeker
The Storm
Escape from the ship. 15 Trophy bronze The Storm
Heart of Darkness
Find a boat to travel through the jungle. (PC)
Find a boat for use in the jungle. (Xbox/PS)
15 Trophy bronze HeartOfDarkness
Breaching the Tunnels
Successfully defend the tunnels entrance. (PC)
Successfully defend the tunnel entrance. (Xbox/PS)
15 Trophy bronze BreachingtheTunnels
The Cinema
Clear out the cinema. 15 Trophy bronze TheCinema
Military Base
Gain access to a long range radio station. (PC)
Gain access to a long-range radio station. (Xbox/PS)
30 Trophy silver MilitaryBase
Combat on the roof
Survive the horde on the roof. 15 Trophy bronze CombatontheRoof
Henderson town
Reach Henderson. 15 Trophy bronze HendersonTown
Meeting Serpo
Make pact with Serpo. 15 Trophy bronze MeetingSerpo
The Docks
Enter the docks in Quarantine Zone. 15 Trophy bronze TheDocks
You've Tricked Me Once
Finish the game. 30 Trophy silver YouveTrickedMeOnce
Serving Science
Finish quests for Dr. Kessler. 30 Trophy silver ServingScience
First Do No Harm
Finish hospital quests for Cecil. 30 Trophy silver FirstDoNoHarm
Defeat Harlow
Defeat Harlow. 15 Trophy bronze DefeatHarlow

Escape Dead Island[]

Escape Dead Island
Name Requirement. Points Trophy Image
What A Trip!
Complete the game. 50 Trophy gold What a trip
And Back Again
Complete new game+. 50 Trophy silver And back again
Complete the prologue. 25 Trophy silver Undercover
Bon Voyage
Complete Mission 1 - Smooth Sailing. 25 Trophy silver Bon voyage
Welcome To The Jungle
Complete Mission 2 - One Less Boat. 25 Trophy silver Welcome to the jungle
Hard Rain
Complete Mission 3 - Echoes. 25 Trophy silver Hard rain
A For Effort
Complete Mission 4 - Marathon. 25 Trophy silver A for effort
Live Together, Die Alone
Complete Mission 5 - A Fighting Chance. 25 Trophy silver Live together die alone
Sign Of Good Faith
Complete Mission 6 - Stories of the Dead. 25 Trophy silver Sign of a good faith
Complete Mission 7 - Beauty and the Beast. 25 Trophy silver Autodefenestration
On The Rocks
Complete Mission 8 - Devan. 25 Trophy silver On the rocks
Complete Mission 9 - Father's Day. 25 Trophy silver Showdown
Crossing the Rubicon
Complete Mission 10 - Faith. 25 Trophy silver Crossing the rubicon
Mind Over Mind
Complete Mission 11 - Deliverance. 25 Trophy silver Mind over mind
The Narapela Massacre Kill 100 zombies in total. 25 Trophy bronze The narapela massacre
Zombie Killing 101 Kill 50 zombies with a melee weapon. 10 Trophy bronze Zombie killing 101
Dead Is Dead Execute 25 downed zombies. 10 Trophy bronze Dead is dead
Deadly Arts Stealth kill 25 zombies. 10 Trophy bronze Deadly arts
Deadeye Kill 25 zombies with pistol headshots. 10 Trophy bronze Deadeye
Bloodsplosion Kill 10 zombies with close range shotgun blasts. 10 Trophy bronze Bloodsplosion
Blunt Trauma
Acquire your first melee weapon. 10 Trophy bronze Blunt trauma
Hatchet Man
Upgrade your melee weapon. 10 Trophy bronze Hatchet man
A Real Weapon
Upgrade your melee weapon again! 10 Trophy bronze A real weapon
Top Of The Line
Upgrade your melee weapon for a third time. Yeah! 10 Trophy bronze Top of the line
Improvised Assassin
Acquire your first stealth kill weapon. 10 Trophy bronze Improvised assassin
Cutting Edge
Upgrade your stealth kill weapon. 10 Trophy bronze Cutting edge
Armed And Ready
Acquire the pistol. 10 Trophy bronze Armed and ready
Silent Death
Upgrade the pistol. 10 Trophy bronze Silent death
Buckshot Ballet
Acquire the shotgun. 10 Trophy bronze Buckshot bullet
Power To The People
Upgrade the shotgun. 10 Trophy bronze Power to the people
Midair Mutilation Kill an airborne Bouncer. 15 Trophy bronze Midair mutilation
Right Back At Ya! Kill 10 Spitters with a ranged weapon. 15 Trophy bronze Right back at ya
Oh Shut Up! Kill 5 Sirens while they are screaming. 15 Trophy bronze Oh shut up
Learn the Ropes Acquire the rope. 10 Trophy bronze Learnt the ropes
Anchorman Acquire the grappling hook. 10 Trophy bronze Anchorman
Through The Mist Acquire the gas mask. 10 Trophy bronze Through the mist
Lightbringer Acquire the combat flashlight. 10 Trophy bronze Lightbringer
Shutterbug Acquire the camera. 10 Trophy bronze Shutterbug
Voice Com Acquire the two-way radio. 10 Trophy bronze Vioce com
Super Sleuth Collect all lost stories. 25 Trophy silver Super sleuth
Horror Stories Collect all research logs. 25 Trophy bronze Horror stories
The Puppet Master Collect all Charon's logs. 25 Trophy bronze The pupper master
Card Collector Collect all postcards. 25 Trophy bronze Card collector
What Happened, Happened Collect all snapshots. 25 Trophy bronze What happened hapenned
Locked And Loaded Collect 25 ammo packs. 10 Trophy bronze Locked and loaded
Conviction Kill 5 enemies in 2 seconds. 50 Trophy bronze Conviction
Wow Very Ninja Much Sneak Kill 10 enemies in a row without being detected. 50 Trophy silver Wow ninja
Thrillseeker Recover to max health from minimum health. 25 Trophy bronze Thrillseeker
The Smorgasbord Injure a single zombie with your melee weapon, the pistol and the shotgun, then stealth kill it. 50 Trophy bronze Smogasboard
The Butcher of Narapela Kill 10 Butchers. 25 Trophy bronze The butcher of narapela
Pure Platinum Acquire all other trophies. None Platinumtrophy Pure Platinum
Underwater Labs DLC
Name Requirement. Points Trophy Image
Deep One Find all the underground secondary areas. 25 Trophy silver Deep One
Lab Rat Find the underground labs. 25 Trophy silver Lab Rat
Praise The Light! Complete the underground labs. 50 Trophy silver Praise The Light
Lil Slugger Acquire the walloper. 10 Trophy bronze Lil Slugger
Duty Calls Acquire the assault rifle. 10 Trophy bronze Duty Calls
Hail Mary Kill 10 enemies at long range with the walloper. 25 Trophy bronze Hail Mary
Blaster From The Past Kill 100 enemies with the assault rifle. 25 Trophy bronze Blaster From The Past
Memorial Collect all of Ronald's logs. 25 Trophy bronze Memorial
It's Super Effective! Kill a Dweller using an environmental hazard. 25 Trophy bronze It's Super Effective!
Apex Predator Stealth kill a Dweller. 25 Trophy bronze Apex Predator

Dead Island: Epidemic[]

Dead Island: Epidemic
Name Requirement. Points Trophy Image
Effective Killer Kill 10 Players during a Scavenger mission EffectiveKiller
Met with Sinamoi Survive the Tutorial MetWithSinamoi
Joined the Amaia battlefield Finish a Scavenger mission JoinedTheAmaiaBattlefield
Largest of prey Finish a cooperative PvE mission LargestOfPrey
Zombies are my friends Complete a mission while playing with a party ZombiesAreMyFriends
Hoarder Therapy Deliver 150 supplies during a Scavenger mission HoarderTherapy
Clean sweep Kill 100 Walkers during a Scavenger mission CleanSweep
Expansive mind Capture five Supply points during a Scavenger mission ExpansiveMind
Hoarder therapist Kill a Hoarder during a Scavenger mission HoarderTherapist
Double kill Kill two players consecutively within 10 seconds in a Scavenger mission. DoubleKill
Triple kill Kill three players consecutively within 10 seconds in a Scavenger mission. TrippleKill
Multi kill Kill four players consecutively within 10 seconds in a Scavenger mission. MonsterKill
Home for dinner Win a Scavenger mission within 20 minutes HomeForDinner
Rule #1: Cardio Win a Scavenger mission without dying Rule1Cardio
Just going through Kill 100 Walkers during a cooperative PvE mission JustGoingThrough
Untouchable Complete a cooperative PvE mission without dying Untouchable
Great attack Kill 5 Zombies with one attack/skill GreatAttack
Massive attack Kill 10 Zombies with one attack/skill MassiveAttack
Above the rest Win a Scavenger mission with atleast 200 supplies ahead of the other teams AboveTheRest
First on scene Be the first team to complete the Barricade Race during a Scavenger mission FirstOnScene
Supplies secured Control 4 Supply points at the same time during a Scavenger mission SuppliesSecured
Scavenger 10 Complete 10 Scavenger Hunt Missions Scavenger10
Scavenger 100 Complete 100 Scavenger Hunt Missions Scavenger100
Scavenger 250 Complete 250 Scavenger Hunt Missions Scavenger250
Scavenger 1 000 Complete 1 000 Scavenger Hunt Missions Scavenger10000
Scavenger 2500 Complete 2500 Scavenger Hunt Missions Scavenger2500
Hunter 10 Complete 10 cooperative PvE missions Horde10
Hunter 100 Complete 100 cooperative PvE missions Horde100
Hunter 250 Complete 250 cooperative PvE missions Horde250
Hunter 1 000 Complete 1 000 cooperative PvE missions Horde1000
Hunter 2 500 Complete 2 500 cooperative PvE missions Horde2500
Blueprint collector Obtain 5 Weapon Blueprints Schematics5
Bag of Blueprints Obtain 25 Weapon Blueprints Schematics25
Box of Blueprints Obtain 75 Weapon Blueprints Schematics75
Blueprint library Obtain 150 Weapon Blueprints Schematics150
Novice craftsman Craft 10 weapons CraftWeapons10
Adept craftsman Craft 50 weapons CraftWeapons50
Intermediate craftsman Craft 150 weapons CraftWeapons150
Journeyman craftsman Craft 250 weapons CraftWeapons250
Master craftsman Craft 500 weapons CraftWeapons500
Zombie abuser Kill 100 Zombies! ZombieSlayer100
Zombie killer Kill 1 000 Zombies! ZombieSlayer1000
Zombie butcher Kill 10 000 Zombies! ZombieSlayer10000
Zombie slayer Kill 25 000 Zombies! ZombieSlayer25000
Zombie Genociderer Kill 53 597 Zombies! ZombieSlayer53597
Zombie onslaught Kill 100 000 Zombies! ZombieSlayer100000
Zombie massacre Kill 250 000 Zombies! ZombieSlayer250000
Zombie holocaust Kill 1 000 000 Zombies! ZombieSlayer1000000
Bully Kill 25 enemy players PlayerSlayer25
Serial killer Kill 100 enemy players PlayerSlayer100
Blood spatter analyst Kill 250 enemy players PlayerSlayer250
Executioner Kill 1 000 enemy players PlayerSlayer1000
Mass murder Kill 10 000 enemy players PlayerSlayer10000
Sir Kill á lot Kill 25 000 enemy players PlayerSlayer25000