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Who do you voodo? ist ein lied von Sam B.


Shrunken heads, broken legs, body parts on the concrete
Cut 'em up, butcher stab gators in the swamp
Red light, leave 'em dead, runnin like a track meet
Scared of nobody, what you motherfuckers want?
Believe me when I tell 'em I'm a bogeyman beast
Leave 'em slashed from their head to their feet
Been pricked to the chest of a bitch well fed
Cooking heat, cannibal tryna eat


I got a zombie army and you can't harm me
Who do you voodoo, Bitch?
Drink blood like a vampire without warning
Who do you voodoo, Bitch? (Stand up)
Sam B got the thing that go bump in the night
Who do you voodoo, Bitch?
Hide your kids, grab your wife, better get outta sight
Who do you voodoo, Bitch? (Let's go)

Sam B to Papa Shango and Baron Samedi
Hand full of fingertips, toss em up like confetti
Stable of corpse bitches, I'm a pimp of the dead
Come fuck with a zombie I'll put a stake in your head
Look you want ghouls? I got fuckin platoons
Baby every body dies, I see your ass real soon
Crack bones to the marrow, hot sauce and they suck it
Now my Juju ain't nothin to fuck with
Sam B

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"Who Do You Voodoo?"