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• 11/27/2017

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• 8/22/2016

Accessing other two games in Definitive Edition on Xbox One.

I completed the first game in this edition, but cannot find out how to proceed into Riptide, norcan I find a way to go to the side-scroller.  Help!
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• 7/10/2015

Outdated but still urgent

simple. the mission in dead island called "MISERY WAGON" will glitch and the gates to the machanics house won't open when i killed all of the enemies guarding it. I didn't ram anyone into the warehouse so it should open the second the last man's head falls off, right?
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• 6/28/2015

Dead Island Wiki Steam group

Just made a Steam group for DI Wiki feel free to join.
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• 6/21/2015

No content for riptide, advice?

guys im wondering if the good stuff like z's demise & the viking of the south even exist in riptide, if at all in its files. because i beat it 5 times, give or take, that means looting every metal chest i see, and haven't found unique weapons outside of fixed spots, but they're only "weak" variants. please help? or hack?
bonus: why is there so many hackers? on ps3? theres no console commands so how is this possible? These guys with freaking semiauto rocket launchers! how?
thanks you for all very helping
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• 3/19/2015


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• 3/12/2015

why i found some weapons requires level 51 when max level is 50 ? why when i reach max level 50 i find weapons that have 0 damage and 0 money cost ? why i have for example -9876666 weapons damage why

why i found some weapons that requires level 51 when max level is 50 ????
why when i reach max level 50 i found some weapons that have 0 damage and in shops 0 money cost ??? why i have for example: -987665 weapons damage or - weapons condition ??? why legendary shop mod weapons requires level 60 when max level is 50 and also i found 0 weapons cost and 0 weapons condition ?????
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• 3/10/2015


Can someone put some good builds in text or a picture of a good build for each hero I've had several friends ask me these types of questions and was wondering if this would be possible thanks ^_^
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• 3/2/2015

New homepage hero format

Recently, the Wikia staff posted a blog article about a new homepage format. It is still in beta, but what does everyone think? Anyone have any objections about trying it out?
Take a look/read:
Also note, it also implements the beta editing tools on the homepage, if that makes a difference.
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